Why resort to a professional Magento upgrade service

Whether you own a small business or administer a large company, you know about the importance of accessing the online market through a high performance ecommerce solution. Online stores running on the Magento platform are very popular, as they offer great flexibility and efficiency, as well as continuous improvements for both speed and performance. However, upgrading Magento is not such a piece of cake, as there are complicated steps to be taken and complex configuring to be done. It is a highly advantageous thing that upgraded versions of Magento appear consistently, but in order for everything to run smoothly and your ecommerce website to perform as wanted, you should really resort to a professional Magento upgrade service. There are many companies today that provide this kind of services and assist online businesses in many areas that have to do with Magento, from speed optimization and upgrade to converting site guests to customers or installing call for price extensions.

One of the first reasons for which you should resort to a professional and experienced company for your Magento upgrade needs is the difficulty of the process. One of the steps involved in upgrading the platform is changing the database structure from the old version to the new one and this requires some great coding skills. If you don’t do it right, your entire website may experience all sorts of bugs and problems, not to mention that it can crash altogether. A professional service will know what steps to take, how to run manage config.xml and core_resources and how to deal with the SQL scripts. Furthermore, they will know how to move Magento themes and extensions, as well as media, without disrupting the design pattern of the platform or any of the features that the web designer and developer created for your website.

It is highly important for your customers to enjoy a great user experience every single time they access your website, without any disruptions that such an upgrade process may cause, so think about your clients before poking at the Magento platform on your own.

Furthermore, hiring a professional service for a Magento upgrade will save you a lot of time and headache and neither of these reasons is renounceable. When you operate an ecommerce website with hundreds or even thousands of products and get countless HTTP requests every day, there are plenty of issues to focus and work on. Allowing a proficient company to take the platform upgrade off your shoulders will give you much needed time and energy to concentrate on more important things. The bottom line is that there is actually no reason not to employ a professional service to upgrade your Magento platform, except for maybe the expense, but the cost of the service will definitely be far exceeded by the advantages this approach will bring. Your platform won’t come across any problems and your website won’t experience any downtimes, which all add up to a continuous positive user experience.