Why does the internet make people think they can escape reality?


Very few people consider internet addiction a real condition. The majority of people who tell someone is addicted on internet take no action, they simply laugh at the possibility that someone spends their entire day inside their house, browsing the internet. They consider that internet addiction is not as serious as drug, or alcohol addiction, because it does not have the same effects on the body. Many years internet addiction was considered a sarcastic joke, and even experts preferred to ignore it. But, recently it entered the list of psychological disorders, and it is treated in special centres like The Holistic Sanctuary.

Facebook addiction

Facebook addiction appears greatly in teenagers. They live the love of their life repeatedly on Facebook, they share with their friends their feelings, and they use it to share how their moods are changing. When a person becomes addicted to Facebook, they have a negative opinion about the rest of the world, they consider that only their Facebook friends are smart and if an activity does not draw attention, then it is not worth their interest. The persons who need the help of holistic rehabs to break their Facebook addiction spend their entire time to manage their posts on social media. They want to make sure that they are choosing the photo that will get the most likes when they choose their profile picture and they change their status multiple times a day. Their entire life revolves on Facebook and they ignore their real life.

Forums addictions

The persons who are not very talkative tend to be the ones who become addicted to forums, because there they can find their own voice. They do not feel comfortable to debate certain subjects in face-to-face conversation, but online, they feel comfortable to share their opinion. They hide under a nickname and they are not afraid of getting into long debates. Their world is filled with nicknames and avatars, a society that hides behind their screens.

Cyber sex addicts

Cyber sex addicts are people with different backgrounds. If some of them get involved into this activity, because they want to revenge on their partners, who are cheating on them, others use it to fuel their imagination. In the majority of cases, they all are lonely people who want to meet new persons, but they do not know how to do it. These addicts consider that only the camera and the cyber sex can offer them fulfilment. Internet offers people an alternative to their real life, but this can easily become an addiction.