What to look for when joining a cargo logistics network

If you have a cargo company and you want to be able to succeed in a highly competitive market, your best bet is to join a cargo logistics network that will be able to offer you the protection you need. However, before joining one, you should definitely have a closer look at everything that particular network has to offer; just to be sure you are making the right decision. The first thing you should look for is what kind of coverage that network can offer you. Naturally, if you gain global coverage, it will be a major advantage for your company, one worth taking into consideration. You should also check to see what other companies have joined this alliance to get an idea about the potential partners you will be joining. Of course, the more selective a cargo network is, the better, since you can have the peace of mind that you are joining a professional environment. A network is only as strong as its weakest link, so you want to join an alliance that has the resources to help its members.

While it is important for your alliance to have members in all major ports, you should still make sure it limits the number of agents per port, just so that any internal competition or problems are avoided. When you join a cargo logistics network, you should gain a brand, something that will make your company more reliable and help you do business with new clients easier. To this extent, always do some research regarding the alliance you are about to join and see what others from your line of work think about it. Any person working in the freight forwarding industry knows that there are a few large companies that hold a monopoly of over 40% of the market, so to be successful in this industry you really need to have on your side someone who can offer you advantages on all plans. Furthermore, a major advantage that an alliance should offer is the possibility to get in touch with other members and possibly to do business in other ports. To this extent, if your network organizes a meeting with its members, this is definitely something you should not overlook, as it will definitely prove very useful in the future of your company.


To conclude, these are the main things you should look for when wanting to join an alliance. While there may be some costs involved, you have to remember that such an alliance will offer you support and enable you to expand your business without having to watch out for the large multinationals that dominate the market. You will earn recognition among your clients and you may even earn new business by making deals with some of the network members. No matter where you are from, so not be reluctant to join a network, because every network is interested in having members in every corner of the world to be able to offer everyone the much needed support.