Video converters and social media sharing

Social media refers to all computer tools created with the purpose of allowing people to create and share information, pictures, videos and ideas online. These internet based applications have become powerful marketing tools because of their user generated content. For their users, social media is simply a means to exchange news, ideas, pictures and videos with friends, family and the world. These highly interactive platforms are easy to use and provide an extraordinary reach compared with traditional media. Internet users spend more time on social media than any other virtual activity. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that there is high demand for a user friendly video mp4 converter that will transform video files that are not compatible with the social media platform into compatible files and allow users to upload them freely. It is common knowledge that online platforms, including social media ones, limit the upload capabilities of their users, whether we talk about size or file type limits. Although some social media platforms have managed to cater to the needs of their users better than others and accept large sized uploads, there are always problems with accepting video files in weird formats. Fortunately, users can use a free video converter online and change the format of their files into the one accepted by their social media platform.

The rising popularity of the GoPro and drone videography has also established a new demand in video mp4 converter services, because people like to share their adventures online through social media. The built-in cameras that come with low-end quadcopters film in a specific video format which cannot be played on any device and any player. This is why directly uploading the scenes captured by your drone is sometimes impossible. What is more, thump cameras, home security cameras and cheap cameras in general film in a specific video format with a video codec that gives problems to most players. It is impossible to find a player that can play all types of video files and sometimes social media sites select only a few formats to preserve the quality of the content. Sometimes, it is a good idea to convert video files even though the website where you wish to upload it accepts the format and size. Not all computers are able to play back all encoded videos; some will need to have specific codecs installed. Therefore, changing the format will ensure that you will be able to play back the video files on any computer and device.


You can easily find a free video converter online, but you should choose the application carefully to ensure that you will not lose video quality or download a virus along with the converted file. It is better to use a browser based converter that will not require any upload or download. Make sure that you verify the reliability of the video mp4 converter you use before using it; it will only take a couple of moments. There are certain programs that will also allow you to edit your videos and upload them directly to your social media account after the conversion.