Types of social work jobs in the UK

Working as a social worker can often times be very rewarding, as you get to help others and make an active contribution to your community. Whether you have always known you wanted to become a social worker or just consider this is something you could be good at, the great part is that social work jobs in the UK can be found in many places, mainly because there is such a wide variety of social workers. These days most people apply for everything online, so this is a great place to start looking for the best job for your skills.

Medical and health social worker

These professionals usually work in hospitals and clinics and help families cope with the emotional, physical and financial struggles they might be placed in because of a serious medical condition one of their family members is dealing with. This type of social worker provides invaluable help in the medical scene, as they help families understand treatments options and make important decisions. They have a very important role in providing direction and reassurance to those who may not know which way to go next or how to cope with a difficult situation.


Hospice and palliative care social workers

These workers are the ones that offer help and assistance to those who are terminally or seriously ill. They are qualified to provide relief from pain and improve the quality of life of their patience as much as possible. They can also help the family of an ill individual and even assist in grief and loss. This is why this type of worker can find work in many different clinics and healthcare institutions.


Family and school social workers

This is the type of job where these specialists will be put through a lot of different situations. These are the people who can help a child who has been through a trauma or abuse or counsel students who go through a difficult time in their life. Teachers may not always know how to help a student who has had a loss in the family and this is the case when the help of a social worker is mostly appreciated, as they are qualified to help people overcome these situations.


Mental health and substance abuse professionals

This type of worker provides support and assistance to individuals struggling with substance abuse and their families. They also try to come up with potential solutions and provide their resources and assistance to anyone in need. Substance abuse social workers generally work in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and provide their help to all those looking for help and moral support.


These are the main types of social workers that can be found in the UK. Those who feel that they have a calling towards this type of job can apply for various positions using the help of online platforms. No matter what type of social work you want to do, you can always count on finding the right job for your skills.