Three Android apps you have to have

At first glance, it seems that iPhone clearly overshadows Android on the market, but the truth is that more people use Android devices than iPhones. According to recent studies, the operating system developed by Google controls about 80% of the mobile devices market. The popularity of the operating system is due to the approach that Google took in terms of technology updates and the fact the services provided, like Gmail and Google Maps, are not only proficient, but they are free of charge. Additionally, the Google Play store provides millions of options to choose from and you can read tech blogs to find out the latest Android news and reviews. Nevertheless, the following apps should not be absent from your smartphone.


This application basically sends you notifications about the things that matter to you. For instance, the alerts can be related to favorite activities and common interests such as sports, music, weather, etc. At present, people do not use agendas anymore in order to be informed about the things that interest them. In fact, it is simpler and quick to get all the information you need on the phone. Notifications in particular are efficient tools for reminding the user about concerts and festivals. The only drawback is that to get notifications about sporting events and exchange rates it is necessary to install different apps. Hooks on the other hand combines the efficiency of multiple apps in order to keep you updated. It offers the user a directory formed of hundreds of channels and creates alerts based on the preferences of the user.

Cloud Player

The app originally released by DoubleTwist is a media player that allows its users to stream albums and songs from cloud services. The CloudPlayer connects to Dropbox, oneDrive and Google Drive in order to access your music files. The CloudPlayer was developed as an alternative to cloud music lockers that do not allow the user to do what we desired with his music such as download and device restrictions. In addition to this, the app supports lossless audio. You can search the library in terms of album, song, genre, composer, and so on. The app supports formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, and many others. Besides this, you are able to save songs and playlists for offline playback.


LastPass is an app that provides password management, as well as the ability to synchronize across multiple devices such as computers, phones and tablets. Practically it helps the user to set passwords for every website that they visit and for every application that they use. Not only is it easy to use, but it will remember the passwords that you have. In other words, the greatest advantage of using this password manager is the ability to offer cross-platform support. Users can use this application to automatically log in to websites that they’ve used before and it integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, etc. Your data is secured thanks to the master password feature, which means that you needn’t worry if others use your computer.