The importance of online marketing

With the development of the virtual space, many companies have had to re-evaluate their work and bring some changes in their long term strategies. Online marketing has become more and more popular in the past years, and it consists in advertising and other strategies conducted via email or web, in order to deliver sales. It is more efficient when combined with traditional advertising methods, but has proven its efficiency for certain products addressing to a particular target audience. Internet marketing can be divided into smaller areas (web, social media and email marketing), and if you collaborate with a specialist in online marketing and seo in Ottawa will be able to offer you consultancy on all of them, according to your needs. Since the internet has become an important part of people’s lives, this method of promotion is very useful for any business, because people use it to purchase what they need.

There are plenty of benefits that online marketing offers. To begin with, it is cost effective, because it will cost you less money to create a promo campaign than to invest in a lot of products to display in shops or supermarkets. In addition to this, creating a website and an online campaign is a long term investment, does not include rent expenses or any other type of authorisation (needed for physical promotion). A big marketing campaign is more efficient that short ones, because the marketer invests in building a single strong message and image of the company or product, and people will thus immediately make a connection between the brand and the product. Constantly changing the advertising strategy is not a good idea: people may get confused about the brand, you take some risks – maybe the new message is not as efficient as the previous one, and can even loose the money invested. You have to build a strong image and a community of clients, and this can only be possible by a consistent marketing campaign: constant advertising and posting, updates etc. Due to the fact that customer service has become vital nowadays, it is more useful to consolidate the relationships with your existing clients than to always find new ones. This means knowing your target, focusing on your clients’ needs being committed to them. The virtual environment is ideal for this: you can send them online cards for their birthday or holidays, or newsletters and catalogues with your latest products.

Another advantage of online marketing is that it is convenient: it does not require plenty of employees, fixed program or opening and closing hours, and the customers from all over the world can visit the website or receive information whenever they want. The website traffic is increased through different marketing strategies, and the more visitors you have, the greater are the chances to have many buyers or clients. The traditional methods are replaced by viral messages, which have proven their efficiency in the past years. The existing clients can comment and share their opinion about your products, playing thus the role of promoters.