The importance of buying original phone accessories


If you are planning to buy new accessories for your smartphone, you should know some things first. Many people think that using other USB cables or charges than the originals is not risky at all. Fake batteries, chargers, USB cables or other accessories are unsafe and could destroy your phone. Sometimes, the differences between counterfeit and original accessories are so minor, that is very hard to spot them. Using genuine accessories is vital in maintaining the proper functioning of your phone.

Tips to tell the difference between fake and genuine USB cables

Since many people choose IOS system, making sure you choose an original cable for your iPhone can be a little tricky. Fake and original cables look almost the same, but the details will show you they are not. In order to find a good iphone cable you must look at the white coating piece. The white corner of an original cable is round, while the one of a fake cable is square. The metal part of the original connector is made of a single metal piece, while the fake one includes different pieces pressed together. In addition, a fake version is longer than a genuine one. Furthermore, the USB plugs have a significant difference. The genuine USB connector is smoother, because fake plugs are made of a harsh low-quality metal. The label type at the end of the cable is also different. Although they include the same serial number and text, the style and color are different. For example, the text will appear with a lighter shade of grey on an original cable.

Tips to spot a counterfeit charger

Original iPhone chargers include more than sixty components, while fake ones not even a half of that. However, people will not open it to check what’s inside, so here are a few visible details that you must take into account. First, the safety mark should be located between the two bottom pins underneath the charger. The color of the writing should be light grey. The weight is also different. Because they have more components, original chargers weight more. You could use a scale to tell the difference. The pins of an original charger must be smooth, having  consistent finish and color. If you see irregular sized pins or shiny finish, the product is fake. Genuine accessories are very important, not only for our phone, but for our safety too. A counterfeit charger can cause electric shock. The price is also different between original and fake accessories. The original ones will cost more, but the quality, the aspect and safety measures deserve a higher price. Try to avoid buying products that are not original, or you might be forced to buy another phone.

Remember that it is necessary to pay attention to all these details. Although they might be unnoticeable at first sight, you can spot the difference with a little attention. The accessories are not big, so the details are very important. You can even ask an expert to help you in this matter. You and your phone deserve the best products.