The benefits of using vi commands

Vi is one of the most widely used modal editors in the world. This text editor is UNIX-based and it facilitates the users’ control over the system by allowing them to give commands by using the home row of the keyboard instead of having to take the hands off the keyboard in order to make a combination of keys and mouse selections to control the system. The fact that vi commands are faster and more straightforward than any other known control commands makes the vi editor the preferred system control tool among people working at their computers all day long. There are many people that avoid using the vi editor because the application is not necessarily intuitive. This means that the first experience is always difficult. Until you get used to them, the vi commands might seem complicated and confusing. However, like the saying goes, practice makes it perfect, so the vi editor becomes a reliable, fast and efficient system control tool after the user becomes accustomed with it. This editor has multiple applications, but it is mainly used to edit program language lines and creating short notes.

The UNIX vi control editor works in full screen and offers two modes of operation. The existence of the command mode and insert mode has allowed this text editor to create control commands made up mainly from keystrokes from the home row and this way enabling computer users increase their productivity. The vi text editor is considered to be the perfect tool for people working on their computer all day long especially for programmers and hackers. If you need to enter and manipulate language statements, the vi commands are quite useful, because you will eliminate useless hand movements such as using the mouse or other keys than the ones from the home row to give commands. Normal users will not feel the difference, but someone that specializes in writing and modifying language statements will find the improvement of their productivity brilliant.


All in all, the main reasons why learning how to use the vi editor is considered a great investment are the following: the vi text editor is present in all UNIX systems, it occupies less than 100KB of RAM and works on embedded systems, the commands are short making the user experience more enjoyable and the work more efficient, fast editing options and of course because of the fact that it is a powerful tool. Imagine making changes in very large documents with just a few simple commands. Because it is typist friendly and powerful, programmers have voted the vi editor as the fastest and most useful mode text editor of all times. If this article has piques your interest and you wish to try using vi commands, you should first make a quick online search to find a cheat sheet with commands. The way in which the editor functions is easy to understand, but the commands require some getting used to especially for someone that it is not used with text editors.