Smart Watches

When it comes to cool tech gadgets, smart watches are probably the most popular devices. Intelligent ways of telling time have been used ever since the days of Stonehenge. However, soon enough people decided that telling time isn’t enough. The thirst for more has lead manufacturers worldwide create watches with better functions, better designs, better everything. So, it comes as no surprise that in this digital era, the latest trend in terms of watches is the smart watch. This type of device has been created with one purpose in mind: multi-functionality. They represent the perfect present for a classy, elegant and technology passionate man. Taking into consideration that Father’s Day is coming, you can use some online platforms such as for suggestions, or order a smart watch. This choice will definitely be a success and your investment will be worth it. In essence, smart watches act as additional interfaces that enable users interact with their smart phones.

One of the most significant challenges smart watches have to face is the ability to blend balancing function and fashion. While the opinion on the matter is divided, one thing is sure: at this time, the smart watch market is still in its early infancy, which means that there isn’t yet a smart watch that truly stands above the rest for its unbeatable functions. That being said, you could almost think that in their crazy race to get a product on the market first, many wearable computing manufacturers have chosen to besiege consumers with questionable or incomplete product offerings. The good news is that many of these latest gadgets promise significant improvements with both firmware and software updates – that if the consumers’ response matches manufacturers’ expectations. However, even in these conditions, the profile market promises dozens of smart watches, currently in development, that are posed to be released by the end of the year or at the latest, at the beginning of the year. Some of the most prestigious names that have recently jumped into the smart watch game are Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, and Nike. You better brace yourself for a real smart invasion in the wearable technology.

Nonetheless, if you are an early adopter, here are five of the most popular cool tech gadgets that can also tell time:

  • The Pebble Smartwatch. Ranked unanimously as the crowd favorite, this specific smart watch impresses customers with its water resistant feature, simple design, changeable straps, daylight readable, user-friendly functions, top notch apps, integration with media platforms and long battery life. Billed as “the first watch for the 21st century,” the Pebble watch uses different faces that can be downloaded and customized to match user’s specific needs, requirements, goals and preferences. Pebble can be connected to both iPhone and Android smart phones through Bluetooth. This watch uses a silent vibration to alert users when incoming calls, emails and texts.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear is another popular choice among tech lovers worldwide. Some of the most appreciated features of this smart watch include: attractive design, long battery life, comfort, user friendly display that can be accessed and read in strong sunlight, video recording feature and others.
  • Another impressive smart watch version is the Martian Smartwatch. The most important feature that differentiates this gadget from its smart cousins is the extremely elegant design.  Moreover, unlike the previously mentioned watches that act as standalone smart devices while functioning in tandem with the user’s Smartphone, the Martian is designed to be used simply as an extension of the Smartphone. Some of the most dominant features of this watch include hands-free commands, phone camera control, messages and alerts display.

The real question is, as competition in the market heats up, will consumers warm to idea of adopting a smart watch?