With more than 20% of all existing websites being driven by the WordPress CMS, the demand for PSD to WP service has increased tremendously in the past few years. In consequence, there are many people inquiring into the reliability of businesses that provide this type of service. This increasing demand for information is what determined me to start this project and hire the services of in order to write what I would like to call a pertinent review about the quality of their work. First, let me start by saying that is a company located in Groningen, the Netherlands that specializes in PSD to WordPress conversion. The fact that they prefer to work in a specific niche and excel in what they do, instead of trying to cover as many fields of operation as possible, is a plus in my book. With outsourcing becoming a popular practice, you cannot really trust that a company offering a blooming list of services that have no connection with each other whatsoever is not hiring third parties to complete these tasks. Such a company cannot guarantee services of the highest quality, so I do not trust those claiming to have a high level of expertise in everything. The personnel working at is specialized and can focus on improving their skills by gaining a vast PSD to WordPress theme conversion experience. More than that, you can tell that they take pride in the services they provide from the first contact.

I will always recommend hiring developers that are passionate about their work, because they are usually dedicated to offer nothing less than excellent services. Therefore, if you are content with decent code and PSD to WP service, you will have all your expectations met and exceeded, because has a team of exceptional coders backing them up, coders capable of making a clean and fully functional PSD to WordPress theme with mobile device compatibility and search engine optimized HTML and CSS to boot. When discussing the features and functionalities, I asked for advanced functionalities and scripts and I was surprised that we came to a quick agreement, especially after giving the six days deadline. Advanced hover functionality? Sure, why not. What about a background video that will be activated automatically? In the budget limit. The fact that they were ready to work over the weekend to create the complex PSD to WordPress theme in due time convinced me about their professionalism.


They were more than happy to oblige to everything I said, while giving me great and honest advice when better alternatives to my ideas existed. From what I could see, this company puts a great emphasis on communication with the customer. They start working on the project only after making sure no miscommunication or misunderstanding has slipped during the initial discussions. There are many clients, myself included, that do not know exactly what to expect from the PSD to WordPress conversion. We want a hover functionality, but we do not actually know that it is called like that, so we explain what we want using our own words. It is important to have the developers paying attention to everything you need to ensure that you will not end up with a different functionality than what you meant. This type o misunderstandings will waste your and the developers’ time.


In my opinion, what sets apart from other similar providers is their flexibility. The developers working for this company have the skills to challenge any type of demand. Following are the things that impressed me the most about this PSD to WP service:


  • PSD identical WordPress website
  • browser website display compatibility
  • intuitive admin panel
  • making it easier for me to install WordPress updates
  • on-site search engine optimization
  • mobile responsive design
  • clean code
  • installing the whole project on my server


The final delivery is something that most PSD to WordPress developers do not include in their services, but I believe that installing the project on the server shows a great sense of responsibility. After all, I could have followed some instructions and installed the theme by my own, but that would have taken me time and effort. It is the mark of a professional to finish the job you started and I think that installing the project on the server of the customer is part of that job. All in all, I have nothing to say against and that really is a first!