Replacement MagSafe chargers – a must for every Apple user

Despite the massive improvements in laptop quality, very few changes have been made in terms of charger power cords. They’re usually made of the same thick and sturdy plastic that guarantees resistance to daily wear and tear and they’re not really the highlight of the device. Chargers are simply there, doing their job and getting power into your laptop. As always, Apple stepped up the game a bit and, from the very beginning, wanted to create a charger that stood out and made a difference and, without a doubt, their MagSafe, or Mac oplader is a beautiful accessory to look at. The magnetic connector enjoyed a lot of praise, especially from users who frequently stumble on wires and want their laptops to look sleek and elegant down to the smallest components. However, there are also complaints referring to the actual durability of the MagSafe. The thin rubber cord might look good, but it’s not exactly made for heavy duty use. Even those who are careful enough not to bend their power cords still report that after a couple of years the MagSafe doesn’t work anymore. It’s extremely unlikely that Apple will ever replace their original charger with something else, so MacBook owners will have to find a way to deal with what they have.


Buying a new original charger from Apple every time isn’t the most financially pleasing option, because their premium accessories tend to cost a lot of money. On the other hand, embracing the DIY concept and attempting to fix the MagSafe isn’t recommended either. There are some online tutorials that teach you how to disassemble the charger’s connection and the power brick to fix the wire, but doing this is extremely dangerous. You need a lot of tools and brute force, it might not work unless you’re a pro and you could get seriously hurt. Fortunately, you have an excellent option in between these two extremes: you can buy a replacement MacBook charger from a third party and enjoy the same quality, even though the item is not original. It’s much more affordable and you won’t have to worry that every time you accidentally step on the wire you’ll have to burn a hole through your pocket. This option is even better than buying original, but second hand accessories from independent Apple users. You never know how well maintained the item really is, nor how long it can last you.


The online market for Apple products has experienced a huge boom in the past years and the most promising thing is that the companies that sell them now work with respectable manufacturers that don’t compromise on quality. Basically, you can get the exact same quality of the original MagSafe, but you won’t have to pay a lot of money for it. You can charge the charger as often as you like and you can even get several backup power cords if you travel a lot  and want to make sure your laptop never runs out of juice.