Pre-owned cars – what to expect

Pre-owned cars are a great solution for people that cannot afford or prefer not to invest too much money in a vehicle. After just a couple of years of use, a car can cost you thirty percent less than its new counterpart. However, a used car is a used car, so you will need to pay extra attention to ensure that you will purchase something worth the investment. You should know exactly what to expect and choose a reliable dealership that can guarantee a fair price, quality, certification and show proof that the vehicle you will drive is in top condition. There are plenty of dealerships selling pre owned cars in Ottawa that can help you find a good vehicle, but only a few will be able to find you the perfect car that meets all your expectations within the limits of your budget. The first thing you should do before purchasing a pre owned car is research. Dealerships usually have online inventories and you can check them before making the trip to the car park. If you have a model of car already in mind, you should see whether the dealer that piqued your interest has it for sale and how much it will cost you. Decide on a few models before you go to see the dealer. Even if you have your entire money ready, you should still check whether the dealership offers flexible finance options just in case you decide on a more expensive car once you get to see them.

You should expect the dealer to show you models of cars depending on your budget. If you are not convinced about the sum of money you want to invest and you simply wish to get a good deal, focus on models and do not set a fix sum from the start, because this will be the first thing any dealer will ask. Instead of looking at the price, you should look at the car itself: whether it is in a good condition, in which year it was fabricated, model reviews and reliability. After you check upon these things, you should think about the price and decide whether the car you reviewed is worth it. Another thing you should expect when buying pre owned cars in Ottawa is your dealer starting to discuss trade-ins from the moment you step there. You should try to put off that discussion towards the end when you already have a car you would like to buy and you know that you will need financing. Try to concentrate on the cars rather than money details, at least in the beginning.


Any reputable dealership will offer you the opportunity to scrutinize the cars you are interested in and you should take on that offer. Even though you will receive certification, a little inspection would do you no harm and it is better to be sure than sorry. Look for signs of frame damage such as fluctuations on the fenders, offset doors and uneven lines. The joints of the engine bay should also look impeccable without signs of welding. There are only a few things you can do, but even an unexperienced eye can see rust and signs of a previous accident. Considering the fact that you will be investing a decent sum of money into the pre owned car, you should not take any chances.