Advantages of Luggage Trackers

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There is no sugar coating it: losing your luggage is one of the worst things it can happen to you while traveling. In fact, if you have ever had your bags sent to the other side of the world or incompetently misplaced by the airline, the chances are that you already know just frustrating and nerve-racking this situation can be. Indeed, misplaced baggage adds an awful lot of stress whether it happens at the beginning or at the end of your vacation. However it doesn’t have to be that way, not since high tech tags and tracking mobile apps have come into the picture. Of course, while these gadgets and systems may not prevent lost luggage, they will certainly add speed, precision and performance to the overall tracking process.  Here are some of the most effective luggage tracking gadgets and apps:

Trakdot Luggage Tracker is billed as one of the most advanced cost effective luggage tracking solution in the world. Designed as a simple, battery powered device, Trakdot connects with any mobile App, Android or SMS capable device in order to alert the user to its current location. Needless to say, the mission of this device is to help travelers keep track of their bags as they pass from one airport to another, and implicitly, to ensure that their luggage is following the same route. As soon as you register your device on the Trakdot website, you can toss it in your bag and soon enough you will receive location updates via SMS, email or text. The PocketFinder GPS is another device designed to keep bags from being lost. This small, waterproof and extremely rugged tracking device offers one of the most advanced technologies available on the market, including user-friendly interface, long battery life, reliable network and coverage, customizable alerts and data, easy integration for iOS and Android and last but not least, a decent price. By simply slipping the PocketFinder device into your suitcase, you can easily find the location of your items.

FinderCodes represents another hassle-free recovery system that focuses on getting valuable items returned to their owners rapidly and efficiently. Similar to other tracking apps, FinderCodes combine confidential QR (Quick Response) codes, intuitive software, and cloud-based tracking. The concept behind this system is simple: first, you need to attach FinderCodes Smart Tags to your bag and log it into your private FinderCodes member account. Once the item is lost, the finder can scan the QR code using his/her smart phone or enter its code online.  You’ll be instantly alerted that your item has been found and scanned, while the build-in GPS will show you its location on map.

A different approach of the tracking system is the Smart Baggage. Airbus’ new Bag2Go prototype is an “intelligent suitcase” that incorporates a smart chip and location-based technology. These sensors will work with an iOS app to bypass the usual airport drudgery. Moreover, the combination of radio-frequency identification chip, mobile phone technology and GPS doesn’t only allow the user keep track of his luggage, but it also informs him whether the bag has been opened en route, when and where this occurred. Although the Bag2Go is still early into development, this smart bag has already gathered a significant number of fans around the world. Finally, you can breathe easy and enjoy your flight as losing your luggage is no longer a possibility due to today’s top notch apps and tracking gadgets.

We can’t prevent airlines from losing or misplacing our luggage. Fortunately, we can keep a close eye on our luggage in order to retrieve it faster should it ever get lost. The luggage tracker is but one of the many innovative gadgets that can make our life simpler. If you want to discover similar items, we invite you to check out one of the best tech news websites: On this website, you can find a lot of useful reviews of gadgets that can make your life better.

BenQ Comes Back to the Smartphone Market

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It is fair to say that Samsung and Apple have somehow cornered the Smartphone and tablet market, as these two worldwide renowned companies have been manufacturing some of the most appreciated products so far in this line of business. When people mention Smartphones and tablets, these are the first names that come to mind and is only natural considering the impressive number of sales registered and also the feedback of the buyers. However, the latest gadgets in the market produced by these two brands are not only very technologically advanced but they are also very expensive. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder if the supremacy of these two brands is allowing them to play with unfair price tags.  But their supremacy, many times unsuccessfully put to proof by various tech companies, is about to be endangered this time by a powerful attack. Or at least this is what the aspirants claim.

Given the smartphone dominance of Apple and Samsung, most people assume that these are the only brands that produce quality smartphones. However, it is important to keep up to date with the latest tech news in order to see what the competitors are cooking up. On, you can find a lot of useful information about upcoming mobile releases. You probably noticed that the supremacy of Apple and Samsung has allowed these two brands to toy with the prices of their products. In lack of other choices, most consumers surrendered to the high prices and continue to purchase expensive mobile phones. However, after doing some research on some tech websites, we can’t help but wonder how long this situation will last.  BenQ has recently launched on the market two new Android models to mark its comeback on the Smartphone market. This is the second attempt of the Taiwanese multi-national corporation to create gadgets that will appeal to the consumers and hence bring more popularity to the company in this particular field of activity. Many specialists see this launch not as a possible threat to Samsung and Apple, rather a daring attempt to occupy the third position in the rankings, a position which remains up for grabs due to the fact no other manufacturer has been able to prove immutable success. Some consider that this is the main reason which drove BenQ to come up with the gadgets, as the company wisely observed the lack of strong competition and the obvious blank on the market.

Along with the release of the new quad-core models, the MediaTek MT6859-powered F3 and the Snapdragon MSM8225Q-powered A3, BenQ is hoping to impress the Smartphone users and therefore attain a sough-after expansion in the IT world. Referring specifically to the new models, both enjoy a processor of 1.2 GHz and feature a 4.5-inch 960 x 540 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD expansion, a 2-megapixel front camera and a similar battery. Although they seem to be enjoying the same features and it may be hard to set them apart, there is a certain contrast between the F3 and the A3 besides the obvious appearance: the camera. When it comes to the camera, the F3 model distinguishes itself from its counterpart as it possesses a 13-megapixel f/2.2 main imager with HDR and zero shutter delay. In comparison, the A3 model was manufactured with an only 8-megapixel camera.

BenQ has announced that by the end of the month each model will become available on the market, starting with Taiwan. In terms of prices, the MediaTek MT6859-powered F3 will cost approximately 270 dollars, while the Snapdragon MSM8225Q-powered A3 can be bought at a considerably lower cost, 200 dollars. After seeing both models, Smartphone users have already begun commenting on various forums, social networks and specialized websites on the new releases of BenQ, many hoping for something much better in comparison to the previous BenQ-Siemens collaboration. It is quite interesting to see whether these gadgets will be able to penetrate a market somehow full of similar products. For BenQ, the race has just begun. We can only hope that the danger of the BenQ competition will drive the top smartphone manufacturers to offer competitive prices for their latest gadgets in the market.

New Canon EOS M2

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We have all become addicted to the use of quality cameras that render impressive photos. No matter where we go, what kind of event we attend, we all bring our modern cameras to take pictures and boast about their quality. Whether we go on holiday, take part in a dinner party or simply go for a walk in the park, the camera has become indispensable to our leisure activities. Of course, along with the technological progress people’s demands have become more and more rigorous in terms of clarity, luminosity or focusing speed, as they aspire after photos in utter accordance with reality. Their desire is about to be fulfilled along with the release of the Canons’ newest mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera is a product that has been expected for quite some time now after many users complained about the poor focusing speed of the first of these devices, the EOS M. Although the EOS M displayed great features, like the remarkable design and quality of the photos, many people couldn’t get pass the major inconvenience with the focusing speed. This time the Japanese company comes back with a significant improvement in this department and promises complete satisfaction to its customers. According to Canon’s officials, the upgraded interchangeable lens compact will guarantee auto-focus more than 2.3 times faster than its previous counterpart, making it a really impressive gadget regardless of the users’ necessities. „To blame” for the considerable improvement in comparison to the EOS M is the new Hybrid CMOS AF II system, capable of extending the focus window it controls equal to 80 percent of the total viewfinder.

Another important inconvenience has been solved in an efficient manner by Canon creators along with the release of the EOS M2. The blacked-out screen problem, which appeared every time you took a photo, is now history, as engineers have managed to put an end to this issue without bringing any modifications to the built-in APS-C censor. Furthermore, Cannon has introduced Wi-Fi connectivity to help all those who opt for wireless sharing, an aspect considered a certain plus in comparison to the previous EOS M. If the user interface will bring some small, not essential changes, in terms of performance and battery life it is expected that the new gadget will turn out to be much more durable, in order to meet the requirements of those who want to fully utilize the features of the camera without having to charge it every day.

All in all, Canon’s new EOS M2 mirrorless camera is expected to be a substantial step ahead in comparison to its predecessor from many points of view. The Japanese company has announced that the gadget will be available for order in the second part of December and also it will come with two options at different prices. With a kit lens, the new EOS M2 will cost approximately 820 dollars, while opting for the body alone will offer the users the camera at a price of roughly 620 dollars.

Mozilla Multiprocess Architecture

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The time when internet users could count on only one reliable browser to navigate has long gone. Today people can choose from a quite extensive array of internet browsers, in compliance with their necessities and, of course, personal preferences. In the fierce competition between Internet Explorer and Mozilla others have managed to infiltrate and start making claims, as they brought to the market new, innovating features to dazzle the eye. So, besides the two already mentioned popular browsers, for quite some time Google Chrome, Opera and Safari have succeeded to gain ground and draw closer to internet users. Of course, all browsers ensure stability and performance, but there are certain particularities that set them apart. And this is the department where Mozilla is trying hardly to improve oneself.

In contrast to the other important browsers available on the market, Mozilla Firefox is deficient in one crucial aspect: currently it can’t run multiple processes at the same time, a lack which is determining many users to opt for the rival alternatives. In order to be at the same level, Mozilla developers are trying to put an end to this troubling inconvenience and hope that a second attempt, following the Electrolysis project, will bring them the success they strive for. To endorse this point of view, Firefox engineer Bill McCloskey said that adopting a multiprocess architecture would generate numerous advantages in three essential departments: performance, stability and, of course, security. In terms of performance, a multiprocess architecture would be extremely beneficial as it would allow Mozilla developers to debug the emerging problems in a faster and more reliable fashion and also it would determine a quicker run of the JavaScript.

According to McCloskey, to make Firefox run multiple processes simultaneously presents great advantages for the users in terms of security, because in this way the content processes can be sandboxed. Furthermore, switching over to a multiprocess architecture would generate higher stability due to the fact that a crash of a certain process would cause damages to that specific process and would not affect the performance of the entire browser. But there are also drawbacks when it comes to the implementation of this project which preclude Mozilla developers from presenting a possible release date. First of all, an issue that needs proper solutions is the maintaining of the browser’s memory footprint small and at the same time there are justified concerns about the add-on and plug-in compatibility. „The total memory usage for multiprocess Firefox is only 10 MB greater than single-process Firefox. We should be able to shrink this difference with some effort. It’s a large project and any predictions at this point would be foolhardy“, said engineer Bill McCloskey. Just as it would take quite a while to browse through Los Angeles web design companies, because there are so many, so will it take a while for developing teams to browse through all the problems of this new internet browser and optimize it for customer use. After that, it should be much easier for us to search for anything on the internet, be it a web design company, or just random facts.

It remains to be seen whether Mozilla will be able to match the standards of the competition in terms of multiprocess architecture. This is an important step that needs to be taken in order to keep the pace with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, browsers that have been running multiple processes for quite some time now. Making this change, regardless of the period of time required to implement it, can bring Mozilla even more suporters and enhance the number of users that resort to its services.

iTranslate Voice

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Language is a wonderful thing. This timeless invention acts as a common bridge that connects entire societies, allowing ease of communication and understanding. However, if you have ever been in a situation where you were unable to adequately communicate, the chances are that you already know how frustrating can be to struggle with language barriers. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, not since many translation apps such as iTranslate Voice have come into the picture. As a matter of fact, this type of application has been exclusively designed to facilitate communication by enabling real-time speech-to-speech translation through iPhone. iTranslate Voice caters to the needs of world travelers, new language learners, explorers and scholars everywhere! Finally, you can forget about those weighty and uncomfortable foreign language dictionaries and instead, approach a more modern solution for your traveling needs. In other words, iTranslate Voice is the translator in your pocket.

The concept behind this app is both precise and user-friendly. In fact, all you need to do is swipe up from the main screen and select your input and output languages. Once this step has been completed, you can speak a phrase, a word or whole sentences into the microphone and let iTranslate Voice do the rest. Few seconds later, accurate text-to-speech will turn your spoken word into text and instantly speak aloud the translation. You also have the possibility to change voices and adjust volume. Currently iTranslate supports over 40 languages and dialects and it’s constantly adding others. Some of the most common pairs of languages hosted by this app include: English-French, English-German, English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English Italian, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese, English-Dutch, English-Swedish, French-Italian, Spanish-French, Spanish-German, French-German, German-Italian, and many others. Of course, these pairs of languages work in both directions. Likewise, customers have the possibility to input text to translate, to search definitions and meanings for common words and phrases in any of these languages and as well to share their translations via email or text message.

However, before deciding that you like this app, consider the fact that there are tens of translator apps out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to check out more app reviews, visit AgeOfInnovation.Org and compare them to determine which you think would be most suitable to your particular needs.

Another headline capability of this app is AirTranslate. This feature enables users connect with another iPhone over Bluetooth so that multiple users can talk to each other in their own language while letting iTranslate Voice do its magic. The major benefit of this feature is that you can have a conversation with someone else without having to swap devices all the time. As these functions attest, this app has been designed for simplicity. On the fun side, this edition of iTranslate Voice also brings a Presidential voice pack that as the name suggests, replaces default text-to-speech voice with distinctive and incredibly accurate voices of U.S. Presidents such as Barack Obama or George W. Bush. So, whether you’re traveling to new and interesting places across the world or trying to talk to new and interesting people at home, thanks to top notch gadgets such as iPhone, and implicitly, to innovative translation apps there is no longer an absolute barrier to communication. Of course, while we don’t benefit by Star Trek’s universal translator (yet!), iTranslate Voice offers extremely advanced functions that can really ease communication.