New Canon EOS M2

We have all become addicted to the use of quality cameras that render impressive photos. No matter where we go, what kind of event we attend, we all bring our modern cameras to take pictures and boast about their quality. Whether we go on holiday, take part in a dinner party or simply go for a walk in the park, the camera has become indispensable to our leisure activities. Of course, along with the technological progress people’s demands have become more and more rigorous in terms of clarity, luminosity or focusing speed, as they aspire after photos in utter accordance with reality. Their desire is about to be fulfilled along with the release of the Canons’ newest mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera is a product that has been expected for quite some time now after many users complained about the poor focusing speed of the first of these devices, the EOS M. Although the EOS M displayed great features, like the remarkable design and quality of the photos, many people couldn’t get pass the major inconvenience with the focusing speed. This time the Japanese company comes back with a significant improvement in this department and promises complete satisfaction to its customers. According to Canon’s officials, the upgraded interchangeable lens compact will guarantee auto-focus more than 2.3 times faster than its previous counterpart, making it a really impressive gadget regardless of the users’ necessities. „To blame” for the considerable improvement in comparison to the EOS M is the new Hybrid CMOS AF II system, capable of extending the focus window it controls equal to 80 percent of the total viewfinder.

Another important inconvenience has been solved in an efficient manner by Canon creators along with the release of the EOS M2. The blacked-out screen problem, which appeared every time you took a photo, is now history, as engineers have managed to put an end to this issue without bringing any modifications to the built-in APS-C censor. Furthermore, Cannon has introduced Wi-Fi connectivity to help all those who opt for wireless sharing, an aspect considered a certain plus in comparison to the previous EOS M. If the user interface will bring some small, not essential changes, in terms of performance and battery life it is expected that the new gadget will turn out to be much more durable, in order to meet the requirements of those who want to fully utilize the features of the camera without having to charge it every day.

All in all, Canon’s new EOS M2 mirrorless camera is expected to be a substantial step ahead in comparison to its predecessor from many points of view. The Japanese company has announced that the gadget will be available for order in the second part of December and also it will come with two options at different prices. With a kit lens, the new EOS M2 will cost approximately 820 dollars, while opting for the body alone will offer the users the camera at a price of roughly 620 dollars.