Learn All About the Hottest To-Do Apps

Today’s phones are not only great gadgets, but also top-notch tools for those who want to become more productive and efficient. Of course, the best and most natural way to do this is by developing plans and sticking with them. That’s where planning apps come in handy. They have been exclusively designed to help users plan ahead of time and manage their tasks and projects efficiently. So, whether you want to manage your personal activities or keep track of your professional projects we have some mobile tech news about an app out there to make these tasks easier for you.

Toodledo is one of the full-featured Web 2.0 to-do list manager apps available on the Internet. Built around an easy to use to-do list, this app features a flexible calendar, reminders, scheduling, goals and notes sections. The user interface is fully customizable, and functionality is still being enhanced. Its closest competitors are Vitalist and Todoist – both offering the same functionality, but (arguable) neither offers as many features and functions. A more complex planning app is the Evernote. This app focuses on organizing, managing and retrieving all the noteworthy things in your life. Evernote supports various types of entries – from photos, screenshots or videos to handwritten notes, receipts and voice memos.

Remember The Milk is another app that comes with a handful of options, enough to manage any to-do list. What is great about this app is the tagging system that shows users any task they’ve previously entered based on their current location, tags or associated time periods. Even when it comes to creating tasks, Remember The Milk offers a variety of features and functions, including customizable fields and input methods that can be modified to fit users’ specific needs, requirements or preferences.  One of the hottest apps available today is the Calendar 5 currently at version 5.1. What is interesting about this app is its capacity to function both as calendar and to-do list – an aspect that allows users to add events without flickering over to a separate app for that. Calendars 5 compliments the translucency of iOS7, and it offer several improved features, including improved interface, default alert times, different default alarms, yearly view, deep connectivity and integration and many others.

Another innovative app that has just made its debut on the market is Hassle Me. So, just as the name suggest, this app is made to hassle or better yet, it lets you hassle yourself. The main features of this app includes a simple, user friendly layout, good integration, voice activation, flexible functions and many other features. Hassle Me enables users customize the amount of timer per day they want to be ‚hassled’. Once a notification is activates, it will pop up to alert you that you have to do something. Likewise, this app lets you quickly add and remove things that you want to remember.  Thus, whether you prefer a complex to do app or a customizable calendar, one thing is for sure: the market hosts a plethora of apps and it’s constantly adding new ones to match customers’ fast paced lives. We hope these mobile tech news have helped you to find an app that will make your life more organized, and end up creating more free time for you to enjoy your hobbies and passions.