Kid’s old stuff: the parent’s guide to declutter efficiently

Kids grow up very fast, so there is no wonder why so many items remain behind. In many cases, kids don’t even get to use or wear the toys or clothes you bought for them because they no longer fit. This is the reason why you should limit your purchases to what your children need in a specific moment of their lives. Buying a lot of items long before the child is actually born will only leave you with a lot of stuff to take care of after a few months. Moreover, children lose interest in their toys very quickly, which means there is no purpose in keeping all of the old ones thinking that your child will request them. This is a short guide that will give you several ideas of what to do with old children’s cloths and toys, especially if they are in a very good condition:

Store them away until you decide

First things first, you need to store the toys away before actually selling or donating them. The reason behind this is that your child might have developed emotions towards a specific toy. You already know that kids get attached to fluffy blankets and teddy bears. The same might happen with your child, but with a toy that you have no idea about. Taking this toy away may cause distress for your little one, so you need to be extra careful when selecting the toys you donate or sell. In order to store them away from your children’s sight, look for storage units Saskatoon and take the toys there. Wait for a while and if everything goes right, start selling or donating the toys.

Donations are welcomed anytime

The first option you should think about is represented by donations. Once you have gathered together all the toys and clothes that you can get rid of, you can start donating them. There are organizations that can handle charity donations or you can choose families that you want to help and make your donations directly. No matter what option you choose, you should know that donations are welcomed at all times and people appreciate them fully. Keep in mind that donated items must be in a certain shape when you donate them. Both toys and clothes must be in good condition, without major defects. Cleaning and sanitizing the toys and clothes before donating them is paramount. Usually, charity organizations handle these tasks when they organize bigger donations. When you do it yourself you must pay attention to this detail.

Trading or selling

If you don’t want to donate the toys and clothes and you would like to obtain a part of your money back or an item in exchange, you can sell them or participate in trade events. Trading the toys for new ones will save you from making another purchase for your children. Selling the items will get you a part of your money back, which you can use as you think it is more appropriately.