Interesting facts about SEO

Even though the importance of SEO services and on-site optimization has been stressed with many occasions, few people actually know and understand how SEO works. There are many companies that promise the best SEO services and boast with their advantageous packages without really explaining the complex process of search engine optimization and the ripple it can make on the market. What everyone knows for sure is that they need to contact the best SEO experts in Ottawa in order to rank higher in Google and gain a stronger online presence. Considering the fact that people have started to use the Internet as the number one tool for everyday activities, it is not surprising that ranking higher on search engines is the surest way towards success. Advanced SEO tactics have the potential of helping your newly developed online shop become the ultimate shopping destination or it can increase the exposure of your restaurant locally to a point where you cannot longer handle the flow of customers. However, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that there is a limit to the tricks SEO experts in Ottawa can pull and that success also depends on the quality of the services their companies provide. Here are some interesting statistics about SEO that will correct many misconceptions and give you a better idea about the real importance of hiring a professional help you get to the top rankings.

  1. More than 75% of users generally ignore paid ads and use organic results, meaning that paying for a good SEO campaign will give better results than paying for ads.
  2. Content marketing is essential, often leading to tremendous increases in traffic and revenue. Relevant and quality content focused on keywords research can bring a significant advantage. Reports show a 2000% increase in traffic for a regular blog.
  3. More than 70% of Google users never pass the first page of search results, giving those providers situated in the first positions a huge competitive edge. The good news is that you could reach that advantageous spot with good SEO services yourself.
  4. Consumers rely on social media to establish the reliability of a provider, so combing SEO with social media marketing can bring great results.
  5. Online searching and e-mail checking are the two top internet uses.
  6. Blogging can increase your indexed pages resulting in more leads and revenue.
  7. Search is the number one traffic driver closely followed by social media.
  8. 80% of search engine users admit that they prefer to click on natural search results instead of checking the sponsored ads.
  9. Google owns more than 65% of the search dedicated market.
  10. Almost all online experiences begin with search engine.
  11. Each month over 100 billion global searches are completed.
  12. More than 80% of Internet users use search engines when they go online.
  13. The number of mobile Internet users and consequently shoppers will increase dramatically in the next few years.