Innovation in inkjet print head technology

If you peruse the latest science and technology news, you will notice that printing technology becomes more and more advanced, users have become extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of their prints, which is why those who do invest in industrial printers for professional purposes constantly look for new improvements in this field. In fact, inkjet heads such as Konica KM1024 MNB 14PL are not used for graphics applications and new technologies have the potential of unlocking new and exciting opportunities in graphics production and many more fields. These days customers expect to buy products which guarantee them a fast print speed and great quality as well as the ability to produce a wide variety of unique effects. Here are the main features that customers expect to be improved when it comes to print heads:

Print quality and productivity

In a world where everything needs to be done fast, without compromising on quality, new print heads have to adapt to these demands, which is why developers are constantly working on products with a smaller drop size and a wider print width that will allow their users to print on anything at higher frequencies. This is the type of development that has always interested those who work in the printing industry, as the faster they can print their products, the more they can increased their production and answer to the requests of their own customers in return.

Ease of integration

These science and technology news should interest not only those who work in the printing industry, but also common people who want to benefit from the advantages of a high quality printer. Most users expect to be able to buy a printer that works fast and allows them to replace the print heads without too many problems. This is why print heads that have a lock fitting that actually secures the ink connection tightly are very popular these days. In addition, products that have the electrical connections coated are also in high demand, as this coating essentially protects them against all the factors that usually cause a print head to stop working in the first place such as ink spills, electrical damage and anything else that usually can prevent a print head from working properly.


New print heads are expected to last longer and this can only be possible through the ability to control voltages and temperatures. Considering that original print heads tend to be quite expensive, it is always worth knowing that you are purchasing something of high quality to begin with. In addition, consumers also look for products that have multiple applications such as ceramic tile printing and label printing, without having to worry about errors or malfunctions from its part.


All in all, it is easy to see where the latest trends when it comes to printing technology are going. Users are expecting versatility and quality from the products they purchase, as they in return have to print at high quality their products in order to maintain themselves on the market. As the printing industry evolves, it is very important to work with reliable suppliers who can offer the latest types of print heads available on the market along with pristine customer services