How to prevent your lightning cable from breaking

Although Apple is known for making some of the most durable gadgets, which can hold their value for longer compared with other brands, not the same thing can be said about their accessories and peripherals. Cables, in particular, have a reputation for breaking easily and not passing the test of time. As stylish and sleek as it may be, the Apple lightning cable is quite fragile and, if you are not careful, it will break. There are of course many stores, especially online, where you can buy a lightning cable at an affordable cost, but if you don’t want to do this every month, here are some tips to keep the cable in good condition.

Avoiding damage to exposed pins

One of the design characteristics that sets the lighting cable apart from other cables is that it has exposed pins. So, if another cable could come in slight contact with liquids for a short time and not get damaged, the lightning cable will. So, make sure you never keep any liquids around it – especially if you’re in the car and you have a cup holder. If something does spill, make sure you wipe the pins immediately with a warm cloth. Apart from liquids, the pins could also get damaged if they are exposed to excess heat or dust. In general, you should try to keep your Apple lighting cable in a cool, dry place, such as a drawer or bag.

Do not bend or twist the cable

People who have phones from brands other than Apple are used to twisting and bending the charging cables, but, if you have an iPhone, this is a big no. Neither the coating nor the little wires inside are durable, so refrain from keeping the cable all tangled in your pocket or glove compartment. Also, when charging the phone, make sure it is on a straight surface and the cable isn’t bent. Keeping the cable at the wrong angle can bend and damage it. To prolong the life of your lighting cable, you can buy a small box for storage. If possible, avoid charging your phone in the car, because the cable will not sit at the right angle and it could get damaged.

The dangers of improvised solutions

Nowadays there are “life hacks” for everything. Including how to repair a lighting cable yourself and keep on using it even though it’s broken. However, you should refrain from applying these hacks, because they are rarely safe. Not only do you risk causing damage to the lightning port and phone battery, but improvised solutions also might cause a fire hazard. Battery and port damage are very expensive to repair, but not mention that they can void your warranty, so it is much wiser to simply buy a new lighting cable when one breaks. Although Apple lighting cables tend to be more expensive than those by other brands, you can still find many online discounts and buy a new cable for just a few dollars.