How to Make Your Business More Visible Through PR

If you come to the conclusion that your business is not profitable enough you might want to work on visibility because that is the key to success on any niche you chose. Promoting your products and services will help you grow your company through a good communication with your customers. Marketing strategies are not enough if they do not reach the target group. Working with a public relations agency may increase the efficiency of your marketing plan and the visibility of your products and brand. Especially if the business is fresh, it is important to have it promoted as much as possible in mass-media.

What does a PR agency do?

First of all, you have to understand how PR works and what does an agency do to help with the visibility of your business. Marketing and advertisement have the same goal as PR services: promoting your company and making it known by the public, but as oppose to the first two, a PR agency does not build catchy ads, it promotes your business through free media on TV shows, newspapers, radio, not as advertisement and commercials, but as product placement or simple stories about the services or how the business started and what it does. So, in order to promote your business and products you can use all 3 means: PR, marketing and advertisement. The specialists at Mandreel claim that before going to a public relations agency, you have to decide whether you want them to promote your brand or new products, because the approach is different.  

Why should you choose a PR agency?

The first thing to understand about choosing PR for promotion and visibility is that they help you create an image of the business or products that you have, but they are not doing it through advertisement. It has a lower cost that payed publicity because the media they go to is free (like newspapers, TV shows, radio shows and so on). So, PR does more than ads because it gives your company a personality and a perspective. Another important thing to take into consideration is that it does not quite work like a marketing company (which can be from abroad), but it has to be local or national. If your company is in Indonesia, you will have to choose a PR agency in Indonesia.

A public relations company relies on the targeted audience and it raises awareness among the customers, so this way you will be able to stick to the budget and take care of the social part. It is essential to know hoe to choose the right PR agency because it can take a while until you will be able to see or hear about your business. They have to know where and how to find your targeted public and to give enough exposure for your products and services. It will be the most effective way to create and tell the story of how your business works and what it offers.