How much is your iPhone 6 worth?

Selling your iPhone 6 after spending so much money on it might seem like a crazy idea at first, but with little research you will find out that the value of this smartphone is quite high. If you can obtain more than eighty percent of the original value for your old device, you can sell iPhone 6 for cash, switch to another smartphone and still have some money left for other purchases. What is more, it is rumored that the next iPhone will be released in September this year, so you can sell your current device to gather money for the new one without any worries. Used Apple devices have always sold faster and at a higher value than other similar devices from other brands and the situation is no different with the latest phone model the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Where can you sell your iPhone 6?


You can sell this device anywhere, including on large online marketplaces. However, you should keep in mind that you will probably have competition there, so you cannot ask for a higher price, if some sellers are in urgent need of money or have no idea about the true value of their product and ask for less money than they should. Even if your iPhone is in a better condition, you will have a harder time selling your device, if there is a better offer out there. Therefore, you should either pick a marketplace where you are not forced by other sellers to reduce your price range or simply sell your mobile phone to a specialized company. Plenty of companies are ready to buy your phone irrespective of its condition for a good price, including mobile phone recycling agencies.


Can you obtain money for a broken iPhone 6?


When it comes to Apple products, the value is always close to the original price when reselling. Even broken devices can sell for a good sum of money, because Apple does not offer repair services, so users that wish to get original spare parts look for broken iPhones to take out the component they need replaced. People are ready to pay a large sum of money for a small part, so you can sell your iPhone piece by piece. Keep in mind that you cannot be sure how much you will obtain on your iPhone in the end, not to mention that this method is time consuming and stressful. A mobile phone recycling company will also offer you a great sum for your broken iPhone 6 and you will receive the money instantly.