How I converted all my friends to League of Legends

After I had spent four years in high school in the company of bullies who made fun of my interest in gaming, I expected my college mates to be somewhat more mature. Unfortunately, they weren’t. Even though most of my colleagues were boys, it seemed that the School of Economics and gaming had little in common and, for about a full year, I was looked down on by my mates for not having what they considered to be modern entrepreneurial thinking. I was a good student, or so my grades indicated and I did consider the idea of establishing my own business. However, I also liked spending my time playing games such as League of Legends and earning pocket money from LoL referrals. This habit in particular was not something that they appreciated and they actually judged me for it. I was frustrated for a long time, but, somehow, I think I understood them: they were mostly kids from rich families, educated in the spirit of fancy high schools and planning to conquer the world with real estate and consultancy businesses. And then, the economic crisis happened.

I don’t remember being too affected by the whole crisis, because I didn’t have a job to be fired from the activity that I was getting money from, LoL referrals, was still quite stable. My colleagues, however, had to see their dreams shatter one by one. All of a sudden, they were no longer so sure of their business plans and I was the one who had the most realistic shot for independent financial survival. They must have imagined that I was earning no more than a few cents from playing League of Legends, but, having been a passionate player for years, I had actually managed to make a decent monthly amount of money. Sometimes, we also used to play FIFA, an activity that seems closer to their reality. Playing against each other, striving to buy FIFA coins online and designing our team’s strategies was actually fun, although it was slightly different from what LOL means. I was definitely more passionate about this combat game and I was constantly trying to find a way to engage them as well. One day, the strangest things happened. One of the colleagues that had made fun of me for months approached me shyly and asked me how the whole LoL referral thing worked and if maybe there was a chance to combine my gaming know-how with their business skills to start a small company. After the initial shock and several days weighing the idea, I decided that holding a grudge and being forever skeptical was not the healthiest attitude and accepted their proposal.


Surprisingly, we were successful from the very beginning. I have always believed that the computer industry is less prone to being affected by the whims of economy and it was definitely nice to make money off an activity that I greatly enjoyed. Even better, we had few misunderstandings, because my colleagues left me in charge and I didn’t take any decisions that endangered the business. In time, we even became friends and they started to also play League of Legends, not just use it for business purposes. In conclusion, I have to say that I’m happy I could use League of Legends referrals to make money and I am definitely happy with the fact that even gamers such as myself have many opportunities to choose from these days.