How did basketball become such a huge business?

Basketball has always be a popular sport all around the world, and millions of people strive to see the most awaited games of the year. In the United States, some dedicated events are actual celebrations, competing in terms of sales and marketing with the most popular national holidays, such as the Thanksgiving Day. The NBA is maybe the best known sporting league, having international notoriety. Its huge popularity has transformed this sport into a genuine business that represents nowadays a source of revenue not only for those who actually play basketball, but also to those who have speculated the trend and started dedicated businesses, like online stores, for instance. Years ago, such a success would have been limited by lower promotional opportunities, but nowadays it seems that everything is possible. The evolution of technology and internet has allowed sports, in general, and basketball, particularly, to develop and reach even those who are not interested in the physical activity per se. Media coverage and marketing have been facilitated by performing pieces of software, devices and methods, which enable everything to become viral and have a huge market reach.

Online marketing

The NBA has taken advantage of the virtual space as much as it could. The notoriety of basketball players have transformed them into genuine stars in the virtual space, and some of them have managed to have millions of people following them on online channels. But this is just one aspect that proves how internet has influenced this sport. The idea of starting an online NBS business based on selling equipment similar to the one players wear on the pitch became a success immediately. These types of shops are somehow exclusivist and cannot be found all over the world. However, if you really want, nowadays you are able to order basketball clothes for kids or caps emblazoned with the logo of your favourite team with only some clicks. The virtual space is so resourceful that can be used for so many purposes and the NBA people definitely figured this out, managing to achieve international market reach.


Broadcasting and media rights

Besides the internet, television and radio channels have also contributed to the huge success of the NBA and its teams. During the most anticipated games of the year, television contracts of billions of dollars are signed – if this seems a huge amount, imagine that there is a tremendous competition between TV stations, each of them offering greater sums for broadcasting rights.


International fans

Players have become actual idols not only for kids, but also for amateur players, who are dreaming to achieve similar performances at some point. This means that everything that seems to be coming from them represents a huge success and brings more profits, even indirectly, to the NBA. Due to technology and internet, fans from all over the world have access to information and personalized products, which is why various businesses have grown increasingly in the past years.