Hi-tech means to get in touch with Customer Service Departments easier


Sometimes, reaching a customer service department may be quite difficult to succeed. This happens because companies sometimes forget to update their contact details available on their official web pages. But this shouldn’t represent an issue with the multitude of high-tech channels that exist nowadays. Finding the correct number is now possible with the help of intelligent directories like numbershelpline.co.uk, which are able to provide reliable and correct data for a multitude of vendors and companies. But more about intelligent solutions, you will find in the following paragraphs.

1. Online helpline directories

Some amazing platforms specialised in gathering telephone numbers from a variety of companies of a high interest on the market. Worth mentioning is the fact that these platforms are not affiliated in any way to the companies present in their databases, they are simply trying to offer a reliable solution for those in need of an official and correct number. Also, some of the best directories of this kind offer direct call facilities for some of the companies in their database, which makes contacting the responsible departments easier and more enjoyable. Needless to say, many clients of these databases seem to enjoy their services more than any other option available on the market. Sometimes, these services come only if the person in need has a licence to a certain television service provider. This comes as a great advantage for all those who already have such packs.

2. Social media channels

Many areas of our day-to-day lives migrated into the online environment. This is what drives many individuals to seek for help specifically in those environments. If many companies forget to update their contact details on the official websites, things are different when it comes to social media pages. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn are two resourceful places where one could start searching for the customer relations department numbers. It has been proven that people also prefer using the chat features of these platforms in order to reach a customer relations representative. Which is not a bad idea, only that sometimes, it may be difficult to get a fast answer. But, for instance, Facebook has an estimated response time for each company present on the website.

3. Official platforms

This may be one of the least effective solution for a person trying to get in touch with a customer relations department representative, mainly because, as we said it before, companies forget to update their contact details on the official web pages. This prevents customers to get in touch with a capable representative when needed. This leads to frustration and high levels of dissatisfaction of the customers. It would be advisable to avoid this method, as it seems to be ineffective.

These are three modern ways in which interested individuals can get in touch with companies’ representatives in case they have dilemmas in terms of products or services. Needless to say, not all are just as effective, and some would be better to be avoided.