The benefits of magnetic bearing technology

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Magnetic bearing technology is the results of more than thirty years of research and it has offered industries a great opportunity to develop and prosper. The first thing anyone should know is how this technology works to be able to understand its benefits. Magnetic bearings are used to move parts through a levitation process, thus avoiding any physical contact and the problems that derive from it. One of the advantages of magnetic bearing technology is that it can be used at various speeds, depending on what is needed in each situation and thus, those who use it, will be able to complete their tasks successfully in a very effective time frame.


High speed is not the only advantage brought by this technology. It has a wide variety of applications in fields such as petroleum refinement, natural gas handling, electrical power generation, machine tool operation and many others, making it one of the most important discoveries in our time. There are several providers on the market, so companies that need to use this technology should not have any problems in finding the right technology for their activity field. In addition, there are fields where the use of lubricant would contaminate the field and ruin the entire process. Fortunately, this technology does not imply the use of lubricants, being that the entire activity will be conducted through magnetic levitation, so the there will be no need for any lubricants that risk to produce contamination.


Moreover, magnetic bearing technology uses very little energy, making it highly economic and environment friendly. Many companies worry about the maintenance costs every time they want to make an investment, but considering that this technology has very low maintenance costs, it will prove to be a good investment over the years and allow companies to obtain a good profit. Furthermore, the use of this technology has allowed companies to successfully integrate it in their production process and thus be able to manage safety issues much better. There are many aspects that come into the decision process of an experienced manager when wanting to invest in a new technology, but magnetic bearing will definitely not be a disappointment and will prove to be one of the best decisions ever made.


To conclude, those who are interested in magnetic bearings and are not sure whether or not to invest in this technology can rest assured that it will bring them many benefits and allow them to prosper in their field. This technology has revolutionized many industries with its speed, high power density and control of rotor dynamics, which is why more and more companies are interested in it. Fortunately for them, there are specialized providers on the market ready to implement this technology in their companies successfully and allow them to step into a new world and develop to their full potential. A quick search online should reveal many professional companies that activate in this field and are already to provide magnetic bearings to all those who have decided to invest in them.

Best Surveillance Technologies

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The security camera has evolved a lot since it was invented and has been through a series of changes meant to improve its performance and to make it unmatched when it comes to keeping a home or a business safe. While wired security camera systems are still very popular, nowadays, you can also find a good wireless home security camera system at an affordable price. However, this is not the only thing that has changed in this industry. Thanks to the latest technologies used in manufacturing and programming the surveillance systems, you can enjoy complete protection both indoors and outdoors and the images recorded are high-quality. From a basic night vision to license plate recognition, the technologies used in the security cameras deliver sharp footage and incredible accuracy.

Cameras with night vision technology

It is very easy to spot an intruder in clear daylight, but things get difficult when night comes and the light is very poor. Unless you have a strong lighting system that will work at all times, the security camera with infrared LEDs is your only option when it comes to night surveillance. The night vision camera reacts to the changes of light and turns the image into a black and white infrared one so that you will be able to see even the smallest details in poor light. This option can be available both in a wired and a wireless home security camera system.

Tilt zoom cameras

Most security cameras are fixed and offer a certain view angle, which limits its performance and makes some spots impossible to monitor. Thankfully, this problem has been solved by using a technology that allows the camera to move and rotate so that it will deliver a full angle of view. The pan tilt zoom cameras are installed on a swiveling head that allows them to offer a 360º angle and they can zoom on an image for maximum precision.

HD-SDI Cameras

If you are looking for the best image quality, then the HD-SDI cameras are the perfect choice. These cameras transmit uncompressed 1080p footage that is then compressed into H.264 format that allows you to store and play back the images later. When you playback the recorded video, the images are decompressed into the 1080p High Definition which is the video quality you see on HD and Blu-Ray television channels and movies.

License plate recognition technologies

Besides monitoring the events that happen in a certain place, there are cameras designed to gather forensic evidence that can be used in legal cases. The cameras that can detect the license plates are great for times when intruders use a car to leave a crime scene because it can reveal the exact number of the car. This technology makes the camera focus on alpha-numeric characters on the license plates and what makes them interesting is that these cameras can beat the reflective material on the license plates. This way, the numbers becomes visible against their backgrounds and the camera can process the image easier.

Learn how to unlock a HTC phone

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Are you tired of the difficult contracts and pricing structures of your carrier? You wish to let go of your contract, but you have your newly acquired HTC locked? Now you can easily unlock your HTC by using an app and following a couple of simple steps. Carriers around the world have the habit of locking phones in an attempt to keep customers tied to their services, but loyalty with force is not possible. After gathering a list of complaints so long that you cannot longer ignore, you finally decide to change carrier, but you notice that your phone is locked and you have to make a decision: either bind yourself into another unfruitful contract or learn how to unlock a HTC. Considering the fact that the latter is a rather easy task and it does not involve paying a carrier that restricts you, I believe that most people would choose to unlock their phones. There are also unfortunate cases of people that cannot use their phones internationally and a long trip abroad awaits them. Irrespective of your reasons, if you wish to unlock your phone, you need to know that there are two unlocking options available: either speak with your service provider and follow certain steps or install an app that will do all the work for you. It is needless to mention that your provider might ask you to pay a fee in order to permit the unlocking of your HTC, which makes the second alternative more advantageous.

If you own a HTC One, there is a popular app available right now that allows you to unlock your phone in exchange of a very small sum of money. The only thing you need to do is to download the app and pay a fee to receive an unlocking code. After the application gets downloaded the loading page will include a guide that will show you how to unlock the phone. Following each step exactly will only take a couple of minutes and you will be free to use your phone without depending on your carrier. Besides the option of asking your carrier to give you the code in exchange of a fee or downloading an app that will also offer a code in exchange of a generally smaller fee, you can also simply enter a website that offers this kind of services and  save you a lot of effort and time.


Generally, phone unlocking service providers manage to help customers unlock their phones remotely in a very short time and in exchange for the smallest fees. Besides the fact that it will be more comfortable to complete the information about your phone and make the payment from your computer or laptop, you will also have the opportunity to talk with a specialist while you are following the necessary steps to unlock your HTC and ensure that you make no wrong move, because this type of websites also offer support besides unlocking codes.

Do you need to unlock an iPhone 5?

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Do you have an iPhone 5 which is locked in a particular network? Would you like to change your carrier and benefit from the offers and benefits provided by the competitors? If this is what you want, there can only be one thing standing in your way: the unlocking of the phone. As with most smartphones and intelligent gadgets of today, it is not hard to unlock iPhone 5 devices, as long as you know where to search for the specialized advice in the matter. For instance, there are plenty of online providers and specialized websites which give clients access to unlocking codes in less time than anyone would have imagined. With uncomplicated procedures, quick systems and secure payment methods, all you need to do to start using your favorite gadget is to go to one of these experienced websites and request an unlocking code for your particular brand and model of smartphone. Things have never been easier than now! Keep reading this article and you will understand in just a couple of moments how to use these codes and where to find the professional providers mentioned above.

For those who need to escape from the burden of a particular provider of telecommunication services, there is one fast and simple solution available at highly affordable prices: simply get the specialized code and introduce it in your phone. It does not matter if you own an iPhone 5 or an older version, because you will be asked several pieces of information about your device and receive a designated code, perfect for your particular technology. All that you have to do when you need to unlock an iPhone is to go online, search for a reputable website in this niche and fill in the form visible on the web page. This will let the specialists there know more about the device they need to fix. Examples of the information requested include, but do not stop at: the model of the smartphone, the present carrier which is currently the only one allowed, as well as the IMEI number of the device. Just make sure there are no errors or spelling mistakes amongst all those numbers and you are good to go. Give your approval to send the request and pay via the secure transfer methods to finalize the order. Can you imagine of an easier or faster system to give full functionality to your beloved iPhone? Surely, after seeing how quickly you got rid of those carrier problems, you will start to think why it took you so long to resort to this amazing option.

As a result of the above mentioned procedure, you will be sent an e-mail which will include the confirmation of the process, the much desired code as well as step by step information and instructions teaching you how to unlock the gadget. Just imagine a life with no more carrier restrictions, zero losses of signal or ridiculously expensive fees for the roaming services! This can all be achieved faster than you might think with the help of experts waiting to help you out on the dedicated websites in the field.

Corporate videos – the cost of technology

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There is no doubt about the fact that corporate videos can be very powerful marketing tools, especially with the latest technology advancements that have made video production utterly flexible and opened up various doors to creativity and ingenuity. But, technology comes at a price and several businesses and companies find that price to be quite high. As you can imagine the cost of producing a video depends greatly on the complexity of the project, but also on the company you decide to collaborate with. For instance, if you are looking for video production in Oxfordshire, you will be able to find several companies available that will most likely quote different estimations for the same project, although the variation is not all that significant, as the processes included are basically the same. The variation is usually due to the different type of equipment or technology that the production company uses, as well as the inclusions of the service.

Although video production in Oxfordshire, as well as any where else for that matter, can reach a significant cost, it is not advisable for a company to base its decision on price alone. Corporate videos are meant to promote a company’s brand, image, products or services, which means they must be high quality videos and in order to obtain high quality videos there are many factors to take into account. The number of camera operators that you use, whether or not you employ the services of a DOP, the number of cameras used, the actors, the location, the music, the editing process, all of these influence the quality of the video and the end result and all of them will also have an impact on the final cost of the project. For instance, if you use stock music rather than custom music, it will cost you less, but custom music may have a greater impact on consumers. Similarly, a voice over artist will cost less than a cast of two or more actors, but the visual of professional actors and their interpretation may yield better to the purpose of the video.


As mentioned above, a video production project involves several processes, from project management and script development to motion graphic development, audio editing and even DVD production or other such services. The technology involved in these processes is quite advanced and consequently expenses, so it’s only natural for the services to be costly as well. However, through careful market research, companies and businesses should be able to find a suitable provider to offer them reasonable estimates, whether they need video production in Oxfordshire or anywhere else. As long as the quality of the corporate videos is not compromised, the search for affordable corporate video production services is highly advisable and it can bring you many opportunities and successful collaborations.

Which Is the Best Radar Detector?

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The best radar detector is the one that can suit your individual needs. Therefore, when you are planning to invest money in such a device, you have to know what you are going to use your detector for. Depending on the extra features that a unit might have, it can cost more or less than you expected, so you need to establish a budget, and determine how much money you are willing to spend. Here is how to search for the best gadget for your needs.

Pay attention to the needed features

An effective radar detector must feature a long range, because only that way it can warn you in advance about police traps so that you can reduce the speed accordingly. Furthermore, if you want to avoid costly speeding fines, you should search for a device that can detect radar, but also laser guns used by traffic police officers. Most models that you can find on the market come with multiple laser sensors for ensuring a 360-degree laser detection. Moreover, the best radar detector will come with a preloaded database that contains locations of speed cameras, red-light cameras and speed traps. This feature allows you to be notified every time you approach one of these threats, so that you can be prepared.

Focus on accuracy

All models of radar detectors can detect X-band, K-band, and Ka-band radar frequencies, but not all of them can deliver the same accuracy. Giving that garage door openers, motion sensors and other radar detectors use these frequency ranges to function, too, your radar detector might get confused, and it might deliver a false alert. Therefore, it is important to invest money in a radar detector that comes with a built-in GPS system. Only that way you will be able to filter false threats and enjoy a smooth ride. The smart GPS feature has the ability to detect threats that are not real and block them out, but it can offer you many other advantages. With a Bluetooth connectivity, you can have access to a network of users who share information about speed traps in real time. Giving that the GPS system allows you to mark locations as potential threats, you can share possible risks with the community of users who use the same application.

Consider a device that comes with sensitivity settings

There are 3 sensitivity settings that every driver can choose between to make his ride more comfortable:

  • The Highway setting has the role to notify you when any type of radar band is discovered, so it turns off all false alert filters. Therefore, you shouldn’t use this setting in the city, because you will get plenty of false alarms.
  • The Auto setting activates the digital signal processing, which means that you will enjoy a higher accuracy and precision.
  • The Auto No X blocks the X-band, because this band is usually the one that delivers false alerts.

Read radar detector reviews

How a gadget looks on paper and how it performs in read life are two different things. In order to make sure that your future radar detector will perform as advertised, read some radar detector reviews. We likes the reviews we found on because we found them to be professional and unbiased.

What happens when your computer breaks down

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Everyone today, individual or business, is in one way or another dependent on information technology, specifically on a computer, whether PC or laptop. No matter how much technology advanced, computers are still devices prone to error and they may break down from time to time, which leaves many dumbfounded, because few people dare to try and fix their computers themselves. This is in fact a good thing, since chances are that you will damage your computer even further if you don’t resort to professional computer repairs. However, this matter gives rise to a whole new set of issues, because what is professional these days? With many high street companies widely disappointing customers left and right for their lack of technical knowledge and numerous private repairers that rip you off, it has become virtually impossible to know where to take your computer.

You may find this astonishing, but there are “professional repairers” who go through your files, look at your photos or check out your documents, have you pay for hardware that they don’t actually install and the list can go on. Due to the fact that it is so difficult to distinguish between the real professionals and the fly by night crooks, it is vital that end users research their options well and make their choice carefully, whether they want to resort to a repairman or to a company providing computer repairs. It’s more than once that these computer repair cowboys have left computers in worse states than brought to them and then simply disappeared into the night, as tracking them down after the damage had been made has become a real witch hunt. This is mainly due to the fact that most repairmen promote their services on flyers or in the Yellow Pages, with nothing but a mobile phone number, so even if you discover that your computer was damaged even further, it’s very hard to demand explanations or compensation afterwards. In addition, there are some con artists that steal the computer all together, saying that they need to take it down to the workshop and run tests and then never answer your calls again or return it to you.


Because most end users have limited knowledge about what’s going on inside their computers and have no idea how much work goes into fixing them, many repairmen rip them off, demanding enormous amounts of money for a job that doesn’t actually require that much time or expensive parts. Some of these so called professionals even convince clients that their laptops or computers are so damaged that they aren’t worth repairing and offer them almost nothing for the devices, only to then quickly fix the computers and sell them at their real worth. There are many more such examples of what may happen when your computer breaks down if you take it to a private repairman or local shop, which is why it is important to resort to well established companies providing computer repairs. However, you should also carefully analyze these companies and choose one with caution.

Camera drone technology – a great innovation

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Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have made the top ten at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as one of the most innovative technologies available on the market. Remotely controlled drones have many applications in the military sector included, but consumers mainly use camera drones to shoot videos and take photographs. By mounting a camera on a small unmanned vehicle, people have become able to gain access to remote locations and inspect sites that have been unreachable until now. Currently, camera drones have multiple applications especially in videography and photography, but an increase in possible uses is to be expected considering the fact that software development has become an open market and the patent has been lifted. Camera drones and drones in general are widely used in every corner of the world, including in Australia, where the drones hire Australia market has started to flourish. Not only have camera drones become accessible for purchase, but people can also hire them when required. While Amazon’s vision to use drones as part of their currier services has been cut short this year by the authorities, a small drone mounted with a camera can still have many applications.

One of the biggest innovations in this case has to be the fact that a small unmanned aerial vehicle installed with an HD camera has been programmed to map certain areas automatically. By providing automated aerial mapping solutions, camera drones have started to become useful devices in many domains. For instance, farmers use drones to inspect their crops, not to mention the usefulness of an aerial view in building inspection. Not only can farmers keep their crops safer, they can also inspect their condition and identify pests. With the help of these aerial inspections, a farmer can assess the areas affected by various plagues such as pests or draught better. The technology is now accessible for everyone, whether you wish to purchase a drone or you want to use the services of a drones hire Australia company. While the technology has advanced, drones have become smaller, safer, cheaper and easier to use.


Technology is considered innovative when its applications overcome the expected range and its potential is even greater. This applies to drones in particular, a technology developed for military use in the beginning only to overstep these boundaries and become a widely used device in the whole world and various industries. After the technology has become accessible to civilians, video production agencies have started to use aerial videography to create impressive effects and catch things on camera from unimaginable angles. The idea that unmanned vehicles can access uncharted regions has inspired scientists to develop drones that can collect information from deep inside volcanos and hurricanes. Camera drones are also used with success for border patrol by police officers and in kidnapping missions. Another important use of camera drones is helping preserve endangered species. By flying camera drones over reservations, authorities can control illegal hunting and check on the situation of monitored animals. All in all, the drone technology is definitely one of the most innovative inventions of our times.


Why Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone

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Today’s society is witnessing a continuous evolution of modern technology. Considering only a few years ago being able to use a mobile phone was considered a wonder, these days people are increasingly demanding with the features of their new phones. Many users enjoy playing on their phone even more than they do playing on their computers. Few people have enough free time to spend on their computer playing, but everyone finds five minutes to relax and play their favorite game on their phone while their wait for the bus, in the subway or during a small break from work. To this extent, Temple Run 2, Imangi Studios’ most popular phone game, is now available on any type of Smartphone OS. This way, if you want to download Temple Run 2 for Windows phone, all you have to do is enter the Store and search for it.

Whether you have played Temple Run 2 on an Android OS before or this is the first time you will be playing it, this new game promises many improvements over the first version and a much more exciting gaming experience. So don’t hesitate to download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone. This version has many more obstacles that you need to avoid in order to stay alive and gather as many coins as possible. These coins will allow you to buy new characters as well as upgrade your features and have access to even more exciting options. The best part about Temple Run 2 is that it has challenges at the end of which you will receive a prize. The prizes are either gems or coins, so by completing the daily and weekly challenges, you will actually be able to unlock the best features of the game faster.

Those who have decided to download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone should have no problems, as the downloading procedure is very simply, just like with any other game you wish to download on your phone. All they have to do is enjoy the time they spend playing this game and challenge their friends to see who can earn more points and run the longest. Temple Run 2 is definitely more exciting than the first one and you will not get bored of it in the near future. Whether you are passionate about mobile phone games or you simple want something simple to play in your free time, Temple Run 2 is a great choice and it is now available for Windows Phone users as well.

An interesting tip that we would like to share at this point is that you can do the opposite as well, which is to download and install mobile apps and games on a PC desktop. So if you like playing Temple Run both on your smartphone and your PC, you might also like Talking Tom for PC free download, which is a fun app/game that simulates an amusing pet for you. This is what technology does for us today: it helps us bring the things we love with us, everywhere we go!

All in all, one thing is for sure, Windows Phone users will have a lot of fun playing Temple Run 2. The new features of the game will definitely offer them the chance to enjoy every minute spent playing it. Even if this is the first time you have heard about this game, you may ask your Android user friends to convince yourself of its popularity. Temple Run 2 is suitable for people of all ages, its colorful features and exciting challenges making it a great choice for every member of your family.

Smart Watches

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When it comes to cool tech gadgets, smart watches are probably the most popular devices. Intelligent ways of telling time have been used ever since the days of Stonehenge. However, soon enough people decided that telling time isn’t enough. The thirst for more has lead manufacturers worldwide create watches with better functions, better designs, better everything. So, it comes as no surprise that in this digital era, the latest trend in terms of watches is the smart watch. This type of device has been created with one purpose in mind: multi-functionality. They represent the perfect present for a classy, elegant and technology passionate man. Taking into consideration that Father’s Day is coming, you can use some online platforms such as for suggestions, or order a smart watch. This choice will definitely be a success and your investment will be worth it. In essence, smart watches act as additional interfaces that enable users interact with their smart phones.

One of the most significant challenges smart watches have to face is the ability to blend balancing function and fashion. While the opinion on the matter is divided, one thing is sure: at this time, the smart watch market is still in its early infancy, which means that there isn’t yet a smart watch that truly stands above the rest for its unbeatable functions. That being said, you could almost think that in their crazy race to get a product on the market first, many wearable computing manufacturers have chosen to besiege consumers with questionable or incomplete product offerings. The good news is that many of these latest gadgets promise significant improvements with both firmware and software updates – that if the consumers’ response matches manufacturers’ expectations. However, even in these conditions, the profile market promises dozens of smart watches, currently in development, that are posed to be released by the end of the year or at the latest, at the beginning of the year. Some of the most prestigious names that have recently jumped into the smart watch game are Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, and Nike. You better brace yourself for a real smart invasion in the wearable technology.

Nonetheless, if you are an early adopter, here are five of the most popular cool tech gadgets that can also tell time:

  • The Pebble Smartwatch. Ranked unanimously as the crowd favorite, this specific smart watch impresses customers with its water resistant feature, simple design, changeable straps, daylight readable, user-friendly functions, top notch apps, integration with media platforms and long battery life. Billed as “the first watch for the 21st century,” the Pebble watch uses different faces that can be downloaded and customized to match user’s specific needs, requirements, goals and preferences. Pebble can be connected to both iPhone and Android smart phones through Bluetooth. This watch uses a silent vibration to alert users when incoming calls, emails and texts.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear is another popular choice among tech lovers worldwide. Some of the most appreciated features of this smart watch include: attractive design, long battery life, comfort, user friendly display that can be accessed and read in strong sunlight, video recording feature and others.
  • Another impressive smart watch version is the Martian Smartwatch. The most important feature that differentiates this gadget from its smart cousins is the extremely elegant design.  Moreover, unlike the previously mentioned watches that act as standalone smart devices while functioning in tandem with the user’s Smartphone, the Martian is designed to be used simply as an extension of the Smartphone. Some of the most dominant features of this watch include hands-free commands, phone camera control, messages and alerts display.

The real question is, as competition in the market heats up, will consumers warm to idea of adopting a smart watch?

Advantages of Luggage Trackers

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There is no sugar coating it: losing your luggage is one of the worst things it can happen to you while traveling. In fact, if you have ever had your bags sent to the other side of the world or incompetently misplaced by the airline, the chances are that you already know just frustrating and nerve-racking this situation can be. Indeed, misplaced baggage adds an awful lot of stress whether it happens at the beginning or at the end of your vacation. However it doesn’t have to be that way, not since high tech tags and tracking mobile apps have come into the picture. Of course, while these gadgets and systems may not prevent lost luggage, they will certainly add speed, precision and performance to the overall tracking process.  Here are some of the most effective luggage tracking gadgets and apps:

Trakdot Luggage Tracker is billed as one of the most advanced cost effective luggage tracking solution in the world. Designed as a simple, battery powered device, Trakdot connects with any mobile App, Android or SMS capable device in order to alert the user to its current location. Needless to say, the mission of this device is to help travelers keep track of their bags as they pass from one airport to another, and implicitly, to ensure that their luggage is following the same route. As soon as you register your device on the Trakdot website, you can toss it in your bag and soon enough you will receive location updates via SMS, email or text. The PocketFinder GPS is another device designed to keep bags from being lost. This small, waterproof and extremely rugged tracking device offers one of the most advanced technologies available on the market, including user-friendly interface, long battery life, reliable network and coverage, customizable alerts and data, easy integration for iOS and Android and last but not least, a decent price. By simply slipping the PocketFinder device into your suitcase, you can easily find the location of your items.

FinderCodes represents another hassle-free recovery system that focuses on getting valuable items returned to their owners rapidly and efficiently. Similar to other tracking apps, FinderCodes combine confidential QR (Quick Response) codes, intuitive software, and cloud-based tracking. The concept behind this system is simple: first, you need to attach FinderCodes Smart Tags to your bag and log it into your private FinderCodes member account. Once the item is lost, the finder can scan the QR code using his/her smart phone or enter its code online.  You’ll be instantly alerted that your item has been found and scanned, while the build-in GPS will show you its location on map.

A different approach of the tracking system is the Smart Baggage. Airbus’ new Bag2Go prototype is an “intelligent suitcase” that incorporates a smart chip and location-based technology. These sensors will work with an iOS app to bypass the usual airport drudgery. Moreover, the combination of radio-frequency identification chip, mobile phone technology and GPS doesn’t only allow the user keep track of his luggage, but it also informs him whether the bag has been opened en route, when and where this occurred. Although the Bag2Go is still early into development, this smart bag has already gathered a significant number of fans around the world. Finally, you can breathe easy and enjoy your flight as losing your luggage is no longer a possibility due to today’s top notch apps and tracking gadgets.

We can’t prevent airlines from losing or misplacing our luggage. Fortunately, we can keep a close eye on our luggage in order to retrieve it faster should it ever get lost. The luggage tracker is but one of the many innovative gadgets that can make our life simpler. If you want to discover similar items, we invite you to check out one of the best tech news websites: On this website, you can find a lot of useful reviews of gadgets that can make your life better.

BenQ Comes Back to the Smartphone Market

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It is fair to say that Samsung and Apple have somehow cornered the Smartphone and tablet market, as these two worldwide renowned companies have been manufacturing some of the most appreciated products so far in this line of business. When people mention Smartphones and tablets, these are the first names that come to mind and is only natural considering the impressive number of sales registered and also the feedback of the buyers. However, the latest gadgets in the market produced by these two brands are not only very technologically advanced but they are also very expensive. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder if the supremacy of these two brands is allowing them to play with unfair price tags.  But their supremacy, many times unsuccessfully put to proof by various tech companies, is about to be endangered this time by a powerful attack. Or at least this is what the aspirants claim.

Given the smartphone dominance of Apple and Samsung, most people assume that these are the only brands that produce quality smartphones. However, it is important to keep up to date with the latest tech news in order to see what the competitors are cooking up. On, you can find a lot of useful information about upcoming mobile releases. You probably noticed that the supremacy of Apple and Samsung has allowed these two brands to toy with the prices of their products. In lack of other choices, most consumers surrendered to the high prices and continue to purchase expensive mobile phones. However, after doing some research on some tech websites, we can’t help but wonder how long this situation will last.  BenQ has recently launched on the market two new Android models to mark its comeback on the Smartphone market. This is the second attempt of the Taiwanese multi-national corporation to create gadgets that will appeal to the consumers and hence bring more popularity to the company in this particular field of activity. Many specialists see this launch not as a possible threat to Samsung and Apple, rather a daring attempt to occupy the third position in the rankings, a position which remains up for grabs due to the fact no other manufacturer has been able to prove immutable success. Some consider that this is the main reason which drove BenQ to come up with the gadgets, as the company wisely observed the lack of strong competition and the obvious blank on the market.

Along with the release of the new quad-core models, the MediaTek MT6859-powered F3 and the Snapdragon MSM8225Q-powered A3, BenQ is hoping to impress the Smartphone users and therefore attain a sough-after expansion in the IT world. Referring specifically to the new models, both enjoy a processor of 1.2 GHz and feature a 4.5-inch 960 x 540 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD expansion, a 2-megapixel front camera and a similar battery. Although they seem to be enjoying the same features and it may be hard to set them apart, there is a certain contrast between the F3 and the A3 besides the obvious appearance: the camera. When it comes to the camera, the F3 model distinguishes itself from its counterpart as it possesses a 13-megapixel f/2.2 main imager with HDR and zero shutter delay. In comparison, the A3 model was manufactured with an only 8-megapixel camera.

BenQ has announced that by the end of the month each model will become available on the market, starting with Taiwan. In terms of prices, the MediaTek MT6859-powered F3 will cost approximately 270 dollars, while the Snapdragon MSM8225Q-powered A3 can be bought at a considerably lower cost, 200 dollars. After seeing both models, Smartphone users have already begun commenting on various forums, social networks and specialized websites on the new releases of BenQ, many hoping for something much better in comparison to the previous BenQ-Siemens collaboration. It is quite interesting to see whether these gadgets will be able to penetrate a market somehow full of similar products. For BenQ, the race has just begun. We can only hope that the danger of the BenQ competition will drive the top smartphone manufacturers to offer competitive prices for their latest gadgets in the market.

New Canon EOS M2

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We have all become addicted to the use of quality cameras that render impressive photos. No matter where we go, what kind of event we attend, we all bring our modern cameras to take pictures and boast about their quality. Whether we go on holiday, take part in a dinner party or simply go for a walk in the park, the camera has become indispensable to our leisure activities. Of course, along with the technological progress people’s demands have become more and more rigorous in terms of clarity, luminosity or focusing speed, as they aspire after photos in utter accordance with reality. Their desire is about to be fulfilled along with the release of the Canons’ newest mirrorless camera.

The Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera is a product that has been expected for quite some time now after many users complained about the poor focusing speed of the first of these devices, the EOS M. Although the EOS M displayed great features, like the remarkable design and quality of the photos, many people couldn’t get pass the major inconvenience with the focusing speed. This time the Japanese company comes back with a significant improvement in this department and promises complete satisfaction to its customers. According to Canon’s officials, the upgraded interchangeable lens compact will guarantee auto-focus more than 2.3 times faster than its previous counterpart, making it a really impressive gadget regardless of the users’ necessities. „To blame” for the considerable improvement in comparison to the EOS M is the new Hybrid CMOS AF II system, capable of extending the focus window it controls equal to 80 percent of the total viewfinder.

Another important inconvenience has been solved in an efficient manner by Canon creators along with the release of the EOS M2. The blacked-out screen problem, which appeared every time you took a photo, is now history, as engineers have managed to put an end to this issue without bringing any modifications to the built-in APS-C censor. Furthermore, Cannon has introduced Wi-Fi connectivity to help all those who opt for wireless sharing, an aspect considered a certain plus in comparison to the previous EOS M. If the user interface will bring some small, not essential changes, in terms of performance and battery life it is expected that the new gadget will turn out to be much more durable, in order to meet the requirements of those who want to fully utilize the features of the camera without having to charge it every day.

All in all, Canon’s new EOS M2 mirrorless camera is expected to be a substantial step ahead in comparison to its predecessor from many points of view. The Japanese company has announced that the gadget will be available for order in the second part of December and also it will come with two options at different prices. With a kit lens, the new EOS M2 will cost approximately 820 dollars, while opting for the body alone will offer the users the camera at a price of roughly 620 dollars.

iTranslate Voice

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Language is a wonderful thing. This timeless invention acts as a common bridge that connects entire societies, allowing ease of communication and understanding. However, if you have ever been in a situation where you were unable to adequately communicate, the chances are that you already know how frustrating can be to struggle with language barriers. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, not since many translation apps such as iTranslate Voice have come into the picture. As a matter of fact, this type of application has been exclusively designed to facilitate communication by enabling real-time speech-to-speech translation through iPhone. iTranslate Voice caters to the needs of world travelers, new language learners, explorers and scholars everywhere! Finally, you can forget about those weighty and uncomfortable foreign language dictionaries and instead, approach a more modern solution for your traveling needs. In other words, iTranslate Voice is the translator in your pocket.

The concept behind this app is both precise and user-friendly. In fact, all you need to do is swipe up from the main screen and select your input and output languages. Once this step has been completed, you can speak a phrase, a word or whole sentences into the microphone and let iTranslate Voice do the rest. Few seconds later, accurate text-to-speech will turn your spoken word into text and instantly speak aloud the translation. You also have the possibility to change voices and adjust volume. Currently iTranslate supports over 40 languages and dialects and it’s constantly adding others. Some of the most common pairs of languages hosted by this app include: English-French, English-German, English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English Italian, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese, English-Dutch, English-Swedish, French-Italian, Spanish-French, Spanish-German, French-German, German-Italian, and many others. Of course, these pairs of languages work in both directions. Likewise, customers have the possibility to input text to translate, to search definitions and meanings for common words and phrases in any of these languages and as well to share their translations via email or text message.

However, before deciding that you like this app, consider the fact that there are tens of translator apps out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to check out more app reviews, visit AgeOfInnovation.Org and compare them to determine which you think would be most suitable to your particular needs.

Another headline capability of this app is AirTranslate. This feature enables users connect with another iPhone over Bluetooth so that multiple users can talk to each other in their own language while letting iTranslate Voice do its magic. The major benefit of this feature is that you can have a conversation with someone else without having to swap devices all the time. As these functions attest, this app has been designed for simplicity. On the fun side, this edition of iTranslate Voice also brings a Presidential voice pack that as the name suggests, replaces default text-to-speech voice with distinctive and incredibly accurate voices of U.S. Presidents such as Barack Obama or George W. Bush. So, whether you’re traveling to new and interesting places across the world or trying to talk to new and interesting people at home, thanks to top notch gadgets such as iPhone, and implicitly, to innovative translation apps there is no longer an absolute barrier to communication. Of course, while we don’t benefit by Star Trek’s universal translator (yet!), iTranslate Voice offers extremely advanced functions that can really ease communication.