How to prevent your lightning cable from breaking

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Although Apple is known for making some of the most durable gadgets, which can hold their value for longer compared with other brands, not the same thing can be said about their accessories and peripherals. Cables, in particular, have a reputation for breaking easily and not passing the test of time. As stylish and sleek as it may be, the Apple lightning cable is quite fragile and, if you are not careful, it will break. There are of course many stores, especially online, where you can buy a lightning cable at an affordable cost, but if you don’t want to do this every month, here are some tips to keep the cable in good condition.

Avoiding damage to exposed pins

One of the design characteristics that sets the lighting cable apart from other cables is that it has exposed pins. So, if another cable could come in slight contact with liquids for a short time and not get damaged, the lightning cable will. So, make sure you never keep any liquids around it – especially if you’re in the car and you have a cup holder. If something does spill, make sure you wipe the pins immediately with a warm cloth. Apart from liquids, the pins could also get damaged if they are exposed to excess heat or dust. In general, you should try to keep your Apple lighting cable in a cool, dry place, such as a drawer or bag.

Do not bend or twist the cable

People who have phones from brands other than Apple are used to twisting and bending the charging cables, but, if you have an iPhone, this is a big no. Neither the coating nor the little wires inside are durable, so refrain from keeping the cable all tangled in your pocket or glove compartment. Also, when charging the phone, make sure it is on a straight surface and the cable isn’t bent. Keeping the cable at the wrong angle can bend and damage it. To prolong the life of your lighting cable, you can buy a small box for storage. If possible, avoid charging your phone in the car, because the cable will not sit at the right angle and it could get damaged.

The dangers of improvised solutions

Nowadays there are “life hacks” for everything. Including how to repair a lighting cable yourself and keep on using it even though it’s broken. However, you should refrain from applying these hacks, because they are rarely safe. Not only do you risk causing damage to the lightning port and phone battery, but improvised solutions also might cause a fire hazard. Battery and port damage are very expensive to repair, but not mention that they can void your warranty, so it is much wiser to simply buy a new lighting cable when one breaks. Although Apple lighting cables tend to be more expensive than those by other brands, you can still find many online discounts and buy a new cable for just a few dollars.

The importance of buying original phone accessories

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If you are planning to buy new accessories for your smartphone, you should know some things first. Many people think that using other USB cables or charges than the originals is not risky at all. Fake batteries, chargers, USB cables or other accessories are unsafe and could destroy your phone. Sometimes, the differences between counterfeit and original accessories are so minor, that is very hard to spot them. Using genuine accessories is vital in maintaining the proper functioning of your phone.

Tips to tell the difference between fake and genuine USB cables

Since many people choose IOS system, making sure you choose an original cable for your iPhone can be a little tricky. Fake and original cables look almost the same, but the details will show you they are not. In order to find a good iphone cable you must look at the white coating piece. The white corner of an original cable is round, while the one of a fake cable is square. The metal part of the original connector is made of a single metal piece, while the fake one includes different pieces pressed together. In addition, a fake version is longer than a genuine one. Furthermore, the USB plugs have a significant difference. The genuine USB connector is smoother, because fake plugs are made of a harsh low-quality metal. The label type at the end of the cable is also different. Although they include the same serial number and text, the style and color are different. For example, the text will appear with a lighter shade of grey on an original cable.

Tips to spot a counterfeit charger

Original iPhone chargers include more than sixty components, while fake ones not even a half of that. However, people will not open it to check what’s inside, so here are a few visible details that you must take into account. First, the safety mark should be located between the two bottom pins underneath the charger. The color of the writing should be light grey. The weight is also different. Because they have more components, original chargers weight more. You could use a scale to tell the difference. The pins of an original charger must be smooth, having  consistent finish and color. If you see irregular sized pins or shiny finish, the product is fake. Genuine accessories are very important, not only for our phone, but for our safety too. A counterfeit charger can cause electric shock. The price is also different between original and fake accessories. The original ones will cost more, but the quality, the aspect and safety measures deserve a higher price. Try to avoid buying products that are not original, or you might be forced to buy another phone.

Remember that it is necessary to pay attention to all these details. Although they might be unnoticeable at first sight, you can spot the difference with a little attention. The accessories are not big, so the details are very important. You can even ask an expert to help you in this matter. You and your phone deserve the best products.

Stainless steel industry – tips and recommendations

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In metallurgy, a special place is occupied by stainless steel. In fact, experts say that this material is highly appreciated worldwide, thanks to its long list with benefits. Also, good news is that technology has evolved a lot lately and there a many efficient techniques of using this material for manufacturing different types of products. However, if you are interested in becoming part of the industry and using this alloy, you should look for a deep drawn stainless steel manufacturer. Also, here are some tips which can prove quite useful.

The benefits of using stainless steel – some ideas of starting a new business:

  • Stainless steel is notable for its corrosion resistance.
  • It is also a good combination of strength and durability.
  • This alloy is used in various domains and industries such as aerospace, medicine, shipbuilding, munitions and the list may continue.
  • It plays an important part when it comes to decoration. Stainless steel is used for creating home decorations, starting with photo frames and ending with special types of decorations which include cutleries.
  • But, be careful because stainless steel is relatively poor conductor of electricity.
  • Moreover, what is really fascinating about stainless steel is that it comes with a long history. It is said that a French metallurgist called Pierre Berthier was the first who noted stainless steel resistance. Thus, he suggested starting using this alloy in cutlery. Maybe, you can do the same. Believe it or not, there are many persons who are willing to spend a lot of money on such products.
  • There are also companies which prefer using stainless steel for creating parts of jewelries. In case you have thought than silver and gold are the only materials which can be used for creating rings, bracelets, necklaces or other types of accessories, you should change your perspective. Clients are interesting and finding original handmade jewelries. Therefore, you may find this idea of business quite appealing.

Some important considerations when you look for a deep drawn stainless steel manufacturer:

  • Choosing the right stainless steel products for your business can seem like a challenge, because there are a huge number of aspects that you should take into consideration. But, if you do a small research and you hire a team of highly trained professionals, things will become simpler.
  • Ask them about the technology they use. Also, you can ask them about recommendations when it comes to investing in cutting-edge equipment for your business.
  • One of the most important aspects when you look for a manufacturer is related to experience. Believe it or not, there are some companies which come with more than 50 years of experience in this industry. Thy also have a very interesting portfolio of clients. Try to think about a partnership, even if your company is not large enough. Tell them about your perspectives and make a list with your strengths.
  • Ask them to show you some samples of their products. In case you want to test the quality of such stainless steel products, you should ask for the services of a company which deals with these things.
  • Price is important, but you should not let yourself influenced only by this aspect. Try to think about quality first.

Aspects to check when designing a responsive web page

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Designing a web page is not as easy as many people might be tempted to think. It is a quite complex process, because the providers have to collaborate with the buyer, and see what their expectations are for this website. Depending on the requirements of the buyer, a website could de designed to provide only information about certain subjects, to serve as online store, or to combine these two features. Because it is a complex process, it is important for both the buyer and the provider to check if certain aspects are included in the process, because they influence the performance of the website. If you want to find more details about what the designing of a website implies, check website. Before starting to build the website, you should take a look at the following steps that have to be checked on your “To Do” list.

Writing suitable content

When designing a web page the main aspect you should consider is the content. There are plenty of details, which could be included in the content of the website, but you should focus and select only the pertinent information. It is important to have on the website information important from the point of view of both the visitor and owner, and if you create it from the beginning, it would be easier for you to design a responsive web page. The owner might want to include complex details on the website, but the designer has to filter the information and give it a form that makes easy for the visitor to read it and understand it.

Sketch only main features

During this step of designing a page, you as an owner have to be open to suggestions from the designer, because they just cannot build you an online platform to meet all the requirements you have in mind, in exactly the form you wish. Therefore, you should share them the main purpose of the website, and stay in touch with the designer during the process to see what adjustments you have to consider. It is advisable to consult with the specialist when designing a web page, because according to the main lines you have in mind, they could design a website to meet all your requirements.

Test the website

After you discuss with the developer on how the website should look, and what content should be uploaded, they would start designing the online platform. For being sure that you have a responsive website, you would have to test the page, before offering it to the public. This is one of the most challenging steps, because even the persons, who test it, have to have knowledge in this domain, because they have to know what they look for. For this step, you would need a checklist, because there have to be tested certain features and see how the website responds to the actions you take. Usually the professionals could handle this step also, but if you want to see what users have to say about the website, you should ask a group of people test it, and provide you feedback.

Domains that benefit greatly from 3D printing

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No longer is this technology considered an innovation. 3D printing is impressive by means of the things one can do using professional devices. However, it is greatly used at the moment and one can no longer say that he or she is baffled by the technology. It has come to a point at which clients are familiar and accustomed with the final product and are more than thrilled to use the 3D as much as they can. The technology might not be considered fresh news, but clients do struggle when selecting the right device. This is why in most cases, they prefer to use platform like that apart from excellent prices, bring forward a few guidelines on how to pick the right printer for one’s needs. Even though a gadget of this kind will end up costing you a bit more money than what you might have expected, you must not let yourself discouraged. You will use it, both for your personal pleasure as well as for business purposes. To convince you of this fact, here are three domains for which the 3D printer is absolutely essential.

Real estate and construction


These two domains go hand in hand, especially now that some real estate companies have entered the construction and try to promote their projects to interested clients. Using a 3D printers will help them in this regard. They can convince clients of the reasons for which they should invest in the apartment building or homes suggestions, having a smaller printed model, respecting the picture perfectly. It is simpler to convince a client by means of an actual object than it is by means of a plan or a simple picture.


Art in the modern world


Art reflects society and the changes it may bring. So, one must not compare art coming from different periods in time because it is not valid. Each period has its charm, mostly because it comes to represent the voice of a moment in history. Since art needs to be representative for the times in which you live, 3D printing could not be ignored. Using this technology, artists are given the opportunity to create amazing, breathtaking, sometimes strange works of art. Instead of the classic painting, the modern artist will use gadgets and devices to come up with 3D printed objects, surprising the essence of the modern world.


Education: think differently


Education is the foundation of progress and evolution. Without knowledge, culture, awareness, you cannot expect to bring the world surprising ideas, to come up with innovations. Luckily, thanks to technology and the modern teaching methods, one can say that gifted students have now actual chances of delivering great ideas that might, at some point, change the world as you know it. 3D printing offers students the chance to see exactly what it is there are learning, Take anatomy for example. Imagine how difficult it is to study the complexity of the human heart simply by looking at a few photos and using your imagination. With 3D printing, you have actual objects at your disposal. Everything is simpler with this technology on board.


Why you should get a floating speaker right away

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Bluetooth floating speakers have definitely become some of the most popular products on the market these days and if you are passionate about new gadgets and like listening to music, this is something you need to try. Websites such as offer their visitors access to great reviews, so that they can choose the perfect speakers for their needs. If you are still not sure whether or not this will be a good investment from your part, this is why you should get a floating speaker as soon as possible:

You will be popular among your friends

Everyone will appreciate this product and it will definitely be a great conversation starter every time you meet with friends. In addition, you can even take it to your office, especially if you work in an environment where you are allowed to listen to music loudly. Everyone will be intrigued by your new gadget and will want to watch it in action.

High quality audio

Even if you are quite demanding when it comes to audio quality, these speakers will not disappoint you. While not all floating speakers offer the same sound quality, the fact that they broadcast at 360 degrees certainly plays in their favor. Some speakers output 110 decibels which is pretty loud, so you will definitely be able to listen to your favorite song as loud as you might prefer.

It looks cool

Nobody can deny the fact that these speakers look cool. They come in all sorts of colors and designs. Some are more futuristic looking than others, so you will definitely be able to find one that matches your personality perfectly. Whether it is the Death Star or the Mars floating speaker, you will always find something that will fascinate you every time you use it.

It is excellent for phone conversations

Not only will you be able to listen to music from your phone, but you will also be able to take phone calls whenever someone calls you. This way you won’t have to reconnect the phone to the speaker every time someone calls and you can just have a wonderful experience.

It is portable

The speaker does not have to be connected to a power source in order to run and the battery can last for at least 8 hours in most floating speakers, so you can count on listening to music for as long as you want, without any problems. In addition, there are even waterproof speakers that can be taken by the pool or in the bathroom while showering, so with one of these babies around, you will never have to part from your favorite tunes again.

All in all, these are the main reasons why you should definitely buy a floating speaker. These products are fun, extremely cool and relatively affordable, so that anyone can buy one. They will change your entire experience in terms of listening to music and they definitely are something cool to have around the house.


Ways of improving the effectiveness of your beauty center

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Every beauty center owner focuses on a single thing, how to improve the effectiveness of his beauty salon in such a way to reach to more clients, and increase his earnings. The fact is that many aspects have to be considered when owning a business, because indifferently of the domain, because for having a raised effectiveness, a lot of efforts have to be done. A business is not managed only by the owner, the workers, products, services, and software are also very important, and they have also the role of influencing the way the business grows or not. One of the most important ways for improving the effectiveness of a beauty center is to invest in a saloon booking app, like the one offered by

Beauty center software

The easiest way of improving the effectiveness of a beauty salon is to use software, which helps your employees have easier access to their appointments. This type of system helps you avoid situations like double booking, because all the appointments are recorded in the system, and all the employees have access to the information written there. Also, they can keep a record of every client’s preferences, because many of them are coming back regularly and because they are so many they might confuse them. In this way, the beauty stylists only have to take a look at the details listed in the software, and see what the next clients required and want. This type of system also offers you the possibility to keep a better record of the products you have on stock.

Hire only experts

You should keep in mind that your employees are the ones who provide the services from your beauty center and you have to be sure that you hire only experts. You have to make a thorough selection, and choose the persons who have experience in this domain, and who are open to learn new things constantly. It is important for them to have a wide knowledge of the services they offer, but you also have to provide them access to trainings and programs to help them improve their skills. Also, you should offer them systems which help them save time, with the booking process, and in this way they will use this time to communicate with the clients.

Use professional equipments and products

You might have the best employees working for you, access to the latest software, but for increasing the effectiveness of a beauty center you also have to provide your clients the best services from the market, and use only high quality products and equipment. The products are very important, because your employees might know what they have to do for obtaining a certain effect, but they have to use the right products. Also, when working in this domain, the products you use could affect your clients’ health, and you have to avoid this type of situations. It is recommended to collaborate with prestigious brands and use only the products which have the best reviews from the market.

What a metal detector can and cannot find

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Metal detecting will open a world of excitement and outdoor adventures for you. Newspapers as well as television reports confirm that you can find a fortune as long as you buy a good metal detector. Finding treasure right after buying an electric instrument is very possible, but you should also be prepared for disappointment. In your quest, you will come across various items, like beer cans or silver foils, but the hobby is worth the effort because you can find money and valuables as well. Metal detectors such as those reviewed at are all-purpose which means that they can locate just about anything. However, are there any metals that a metal detector cannot identify?

What a metal detector can detect

A metal detector, such as the Bounty Hunter, is able to detect all types of metal. These fall into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous refers to any metal that is attracted to a magnet. Ferrous metal is the easiest to detect owing to the fact that it has magnetic properties. If the metal is conductive, then the chances of locating them are high. Even though they rust when exposed to air and water, ferrous materials are still easy to find. Examples of ferrous metal includes pins, staples, and screws. The second category, non-ferrous metals, refer to metals that are not magnetic, like copper, aluminum, brass and lead. Some electric instruments can even locate manganese.

What a metal detector cannot detect

Metal detectors work based on electromagnetism. This basically means that they emit time-varying electromagnetic fields and listen for waves coming from conductive items. The most difficult metal to detect is stainless steel. The reason why the instrument cannot located it is that is has poor electrical conductivity. Stainless steel, by definition, has low magnetic permeability, which means that it does not produce a signal strong enough to be identified. Other items that a metal detector will not locate are gemstones, pearls, bones, diamonds, paper and stone figures.

You cannot set the metal detector to find only gold

Taking into consideration that there are too many variables with exact alloys and sizes, you cannot set the device to located only one type of metal. A large piece of gold may read high on the display, while a small piece can read very low. In addition, there are metals that have almost identical characteristics and read the same. Even the most sophisticated electronic device will make some mistakes from time to time.

Discrimination feature

The only way an electronic instrument can tell the difference between is thanks to the discrimination feature. The discrimination setting will allow you to filter unwanted items. The metal detector can differentiate between metallic alloys. Since the signal received from any given metal object has its own characteristic phase shift, it is possible to distinguish between them. A silver dime will always cause a larger phase shift than, for instance, aluminum. This process is called discrimination. So, if you want to avoid paper clips and screws and focus you attention on iron or gold, you can.

Forex 101 – how to become the best forex broker

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In a world where money is never enough, people are seeking for alternative ways to round up their monthly income. This is the main reason why more and more people have turned to forex trading in the past decade. Forex refers to the foreign exchange market and it is the largest financial market in the world. If you want to find more about it or to learn more about forex trading platforms, websites such as might be a good place to start your research. Below are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to improve your brokerage services and gain more clients.

Be a full-service broker

You have to bear in mind several aspects the moment you decide to become the best forex broker on the market. It is true that some traders choose to take their services from more than one broker, thinking that this way they will save a lot of money, but this does not count for all traders. You have to fix your target onto those traders that want to benefit from all forex services from the same broker. Truth is this is a more efficient way for trading, because those traders do not have to go to more places when trading. This is probably the most important factor that will help you increase the number of clients.

What is to know about full-service brokerage?

Deciding to become a full-service broker comes with a cost. You have to take into account that commissions and prices for full-service brokers are much higher compared to those at discount brokers for instance. However, is it worth mentioning that full-service brokers can do much more than just place trades. The biggest advantage of these brokers is that they can provide good expertise for those people who simply do not have the necessary time to keep record of various complicated issues that change continuously, some examples being estate planning or tax. You can turn this into your advantage, thus making people trust your services and have confidence in you as their broker.

Know everything about forex

As a forex broker, traders expect from you to know every detail about the foreign exchange market. You have to be able to offer them reliable information regarding liquidity, leverage or any other things that they might be interested in. You have to prepare the answers for all sorts of questions from your clients, because there will be many. It is important to have a legit license in order to operate, so make sure the moment you become a forex broker you have everything in accordance to the local laws.

Overall, these are only a few tips a broker need to bear in mind if he or she wants to improve his or her skills or even to become the best broker in the forex world. In order to be successful, a broker needs to be disciplined, to have a vast knowledge about forex and to work in both his interests and his clients’.

Reasons why you should buy a levitating speaker

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Bluetooth floating speakers are the latest technology gadgets that have become a huge hit. The main reason why these speakers are growing in popularity is their amazing futuristic design, but there is more to them than just their design. If you have been thinking about purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, then you should definitely opt for a levitating one. There are many reasons why this gadget is certainly worth you money. However, before making a purchase, you should read some reviews to decide which is the best model and brand. You can easily find any detail you want concerning this topic on websites such as A floating speaker is certainly something you need to have, and these are the reasons why:

Top sound quality

If you purchase the right model, you will benefit from amazing sound quality. The sound quality of floating speaker exceeds the one of the traditional ones you can find on the market. Due to their spherical design, they offer you a 3D surround effect, allowing the sound the spread throughout the room in all directions. With a levitating speaker, listening to music will be a completely new and more entertaining experience. You can turn the volume up without affecting the quality of the sound, which is pretty remarkable. A Bluetooth levitating speaker can output up to 110 decibels. In terms of audio performance, you will certainly not be disappointed. Enjoy full stereo sound all day long. Even though its dimensions are rather small, the sound delivered is definitely one that exceed all expectations.

Aesthetic purposes

Just by taking a look at a floating speaker, you will instantly want to have it. Its design is definitely an impressive one. When it comes aesthetics, there is no other product on the market that is as remarkable as a levitating speaker. A rotating orb floats above a round magnetic base, giving the device a futuristic vibe. Because there are en extensive range of Bluetooth speakers on the market, there was no particular one to stand out, until the levitating speaker has appeared. The prices are extremely reasonable, which is another plus. Enjoy having an outstanding device in your room, and purchase this amazing speaker.


Besides its appealing designs, amazing features and incredible sound quality, a floating speaker is also very practical. The orb can function as a stand alone speaker, which means you are able to take it anywhere you want with you. You can also charge your table or smartphone using the speaker, which is another amazing aspect. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a levitating speaker is a purchase worth making. It is no wonder why this gadget has become so popular in such a short period of time. If you have decided that you want to see what the fuss is all about, then you should search for the best model and brand. Find any detail you want by reading some reviews online. Play your favorite tunes on this amazing and innovative gadget.

3 trends in camera technology

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The rapid innovation of the smartphone segment has also determined camera manufacturers to improve the existing technology in order to produce better pictures. The result is that not only is the quality of the image significantly enhanced, but the cameras also look more appealing. At present, the market makes available so many cameras and lenses that it is difficult settling for one. Nonetheless, experienced photographers know what works for them and many have embraced the changes in camera technology. Visit this site to see what a professional photographer can create thanks to latest technologies. Following are three of the trends that have shaped the face of modern technology.

Lens make-up

The truth is that no manufacturer is capable of changing the fundamental laws of optics, adjustments can be made to the glass elements. More specifically, the lenses incorporated in newer systems have a more solid communication with camera bodies. Many lens makers have resorted to adding silent electronic zooms for video. Additionally, new designs provide you with the possibility to switch from traditional manual zooming to electronical zooming. Since there is no more mechanical linkage to the body, the photographer has better control of the lens. The result is that the optics are lighter and more versatile.

Camera stabilizers      

One of the most expected imaging products has definitely been the camera stabilizer. In itself the device is nothing more than a stabilizer modified so as to shoot aerial footage. The role of the stabilizer is to steady the shot while the photographer is creating video footage. While in the past, they were used mainly for filming traffic scenes or creating guerilla shots, now stabilizers have been adapted to everyday needs.

Wireless connections

The big goal of every manufacturer up until this point was to give people the chance to move photos wirelessly. The ultimate goal of the photographer is to capture an image that is superior to anything you can accomplish with a smartphone and instantly upload it on the internet. There are endless possibilities to enhance communication between the camera and the cell phone. Therefore, instead of settling for mediocre phone images, the photos can be wirelessly shared using digital cameras.

To sum up, there is no doubt that technology has had a great impact on the way photography is done. Nonetheless, no technology in this world can substitute the talent and experience of the photographer. In other words, when you hire someone for corporate shoots, the first thing you should take into consideration is the experience and personal achievements. While technology improves the performance, it does not do the work for you.


How to maintain your company information confidential

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In today’s high tech world, more and more companies deal with fraud cases and identity theft has become something that many people are afraid of. While the average company might not worry about confidentiality issues, the fact is that these situations happen and they can happen to anyone. So many companies have run out of business because they did not invest in the proper technology and services to maintain the safety of their data. With this being said, here are a few solutions to maintain the confidentiality of your company data:

Invest in paper shredding services

Even if your company is still relatively small and buying a paper shredder altogether would not be a viable investment, you should still hire some paper shredding Toronto services once in a while, rather than just take your old documents to the dumpster. The fact is that many adversarial companies are interested in learning about your financial information and anything else that might help them to get a lead over you, so you should always be very careful with how you dispose of documents. Even if they might seem useless to you, to other they could contain vital information about your company.


Keep your network secured

Computers are definitely the most exposed when it comes to information theft. For this reason each computer in your company should have a different password that only its user and a computer administrator should know. You should make it your company policy to have all employees lock their screens every time they leave their computers. Moreover, you should secure your network as much as possible against a possible hack attempt. While a skilled hacker will likely pass through any firewall, you should at least not make it easy for your competitors to get what they need. You might think that nobody would want to hack your computers or steel any information, but it is enough to have some visitors over and for them to take a sneak peek at a computer that is not locked to lose some important business in the near future.


Only work with trustworthy people

Even though you should not become a suspicious person, a certain level of skepticism is always healthy. Don’t offer new employees all passwords from the first moment they get hired, but gradually increase the amount of information you offer them as they gather more experience in your company. This is the only way in which you can prevent a potential information theft and keep everything confidential.


All these are relatively simple methods to keep any type of information safe. Even though computers have made our lives much easier, they still remain vulnerable against virtual attacks, so always invest is quality software. In addition, simple measures such as collaborating with a paper shredding company from time to time will provide your company that safety it needs to maintain all data completely confidential. These measures will offer you the peace of mind that your company information remains confidential.


Three Android apps you have to have

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At first glance, it seems that iPhone clearly overshadows Android on the market, but the truth is that more people use Android devices than iPhones. According to recent studies, the operating system developed by Google controls about 80% of the mobile devices market. The popularity of the operating system is due to the approach that Google took in terms of technology updates and the fact the services provided, like Gmail and Google Maps, are not only proficient, but they are free of charge. Additionally, the Google Play store provides millions of options to choose from and you can read tech blogs to find out the latest Android news and reviews. Nevertheless, the following apps should not be absent from your smartphone.


This application basically sends you notifications about the things that matter to you. For instance, the alerts can be related to favorite activities and common interests such as sports, music, weather, etc. At present, people do not use agendas anymore in order to be informed about the things that interest them. In fact, it is simpler and quick to get all the information you need on the phone. Notifications in particular are efficient tools for reminding the user about concerts and festivals. The only drawback is that to get notifications about sporting events and exchange rates it is necessary to install different apps. Hooks on the other hand combines the efficiency of multiple apps in order to keep you updated. It offers the user a directory formed of hundreds of channels and creates alerts based on the preferences of the user.

Cloud Player

The app originally released by DoubleTwist is a media player that allows its users to stream albums and songs from cloud services. The CloudPlayer connects to Dropbox, oneDrive and Google Drive in order to access your music files. The CloudPlayer was developed as an alternative to cloud music lockers that do not allow the user to do what we desired with his music such as download and device restrictions. In addition to this, the app supports lossless audio. You can search the library in terms of album, song, genre, composer, and so on. The app supports formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, and many others. Besides this, you are able to save songs and playlists for offline playback.


LastPass is an app that provides password management, as well as the ability to synchronize across multiple devices such as computers, phones and tablets. Practically it helps the user to set passwords for every website that they visit and for every application that they use. Not only is it easy to use, but it will remember the passwords that you have. In other words, the greatest advantage of using this password manager is the ability to offer cross-platform support. Users can use this application to automatically log in to websites that they’ve used before and it integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, etc. Your data is secured thanks to the master password feature, which means that you needn’t worry if others use your computer.

How much is your iPhone 6 worth?

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Selling your iPhone 6 after spending so much money on it might seem like a crazy idea at first, but with little research you will find out that the value of this smartphone is quite high. If you can obtain more than eighty percent of the original value for your old device, you can sell iPhone 6 for cash, switch to another smartphone and still have some money left for other purchases. What is more, it is rumored that the next iPhone will be released in September this year, so you can sell your current device to gather money for the new one without any worries. Used Apple devices have always sold faster and at a higher value than other similar devices from other brands and the situation is no different with the latest phone model the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Where can you sell your iPhone 6?


You can sell this device anywhere, including on large online marketplaces. However, you should keep in mind that you will probably have competition there, so you cannot ask for a higher price, if some sellers are in urgent need of money or have no idea about the true value of their product and ask for less money than they should. Even if your iPhone is in a better condition, you will have a harder time selling your device, if there is a better offer out there. Therefore, you should either pick a marketplace where you are not forced by other sellers to reduce your price range or simply sell your mobile phone to a specialized company. Plenty of companies are ready to buy your phone irrespective of its condition for a good price, including mobile phone recycling agencies.


Can you obtain money for a broken iPhone 6?


When it comes to Apple products, the value is always close to the original price when reselling. Even broken devices can sell for a good sum of money, because Apple does not offer repair services, so users that wish to get original spare parts look for broken iPhones to take out the component they need replaced. People are ready to pay a large sum of money for a small part, so you can sell your iPhone piece by piece. Keep in mind that you cannot be sure how much you will obtain on your iPhone in the end, not to mention that this method is time consuming and stressful. A mobile phone recycling company will also offer you a great sum for your broken iPhone 6 and you will receive the money instantly.

Tips on having the best rangefinder

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Besides being one of the most popular and elegant sports in the world, golf is, above all, a game of precision and intelligence. If you are passionate about this sport, then you probably know that it has evolved a lot in the past years, the evolution of technology bringing with it many changes. While some years ago all players needed was represented by an appropriate course, a ball and a club, nowadays they are also using automated devices and pieces of equipment. One of these is the rangefinder, a tool used to measure the distance between two particular targets (generally the player and the hole), the inclination of the slope and the speed. The use of this device helps golfers improve their performance, offering them more precision and accuracy. It is well known that practice makes perfect, but a rangefinder is something even the most experienced players need to have in their arsenal, especially for unpredictable courses. For this reason, choosing the ideal rangefinder is something crucial if you want to get the best results, so here are some tips that will definitely help you during the decision making process.

Read relevant information

Before venturing to pay for an item you know nothing about, make sure you get familiar to dedicated terms and special features. You can start by finding a reputable online platform, such as, that will offer you all the details you need about many rangefinder models. In addition to this, once you have a final list of options, but you are still hesitant, you can also ask for a legit comparison between various models. There are some pages that provide their visitors this asset, so a simple research is all you need. You can also find out other users’ opinions, and ask particular questions on forums, in case you still have any doubts.


Make sure the device suits your needs

Whether you are just an amateur or a professional golfer, you will definitely need a rangefinder. However, in order to avoid paying too much money for a machine that overpasses your requirements, make sure you establish what you are going to use the rangefinder for. If you are just beginning your golf journey, then you will need a piece of equipment that will help you get used to the course and its various levels of elevation. In case already have some experience, and you are also planning to use the device in tournaments and competitions, then you may need to raise the standards of quality. Even if performing machines may be a bit more expensive, keep in mind that your investment will be worth it.


Cutting-edge technologies

Since you will pay some money a product, it is normal to ask for the best. The evolution of technology has made it possible for you to get the best measurements only by pressing a button, so do not hold yourself back and take advantage of this. Choose a rangefinder that has the ultimate optical engineering technology, can show you uncommon angles and is easy to carry, whether it is a vertical or horizontal device.




Streamline your business using the right app

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If you are a hair salon owner, then you should know the struggle of organizing everything flawlessly. The smallest administrative mistake can lead to a complete chaos, and this will definitely have negative outcomes for your business. Having everything organized is not only a proof of professionalism but also a method through which you make sure your salon is actually profitable. Taking into consideration that human mistakes often happen, in order to prevent that, you should start using a dedicated salon scheduling app. This specialized software will ease your job a lot, planning automatically a series of activities, which would normally be a real burden: resource management, clients’ sheets and also appointments. Here are some of its most performing features, which will allow you to own one of the most efficient businesses in your city.

Everything is done in less than no time

This is possible due to its performing system and automatic updates. As soon as you introduce a new piece of information, the whole database will be updated, and all the needed changes will be done automatically. This is also applicable to the situation in which you remove something: once you remove an appointment, for instance, its place is immediately issued and a new appointment will be done after a new client appears. This way, you can be sure there will not be any double scheduling or spare time in your employee’s program.


Allow your employees to focus on their job

Since all your employees are probably beauty experts, they may lack administrative skills. This will normally lead to planning and management mistakes, and for good reason: their job is to offer your clients the best in terms of hairstyle, not to keep track of the resources or money. If you use a salon application, it will take care of all the administrative tasks, allowing the stylists to focus on their job.


Great customer service

Besides eliminating appointment errors, the hair salon software will also create a database with all the clients, including all the relevant details: address, email, phone number and so on. Once an appointment is scheduled, the application automatically sends an email or text message to customers, informing and reminding them about the meeting. This way, you will streamline the communication between you and your clients, engaging them and improving customer service. The software will allow you to offer a better salon experience to all your stakeholders.