Best Surveillance Technologies

The security camera has evolved a lot since it was invented and has been through a series of changes meant to improve its performance and to make it unmatched when it comes to keeping a home or a business safe. While wired security camera systems are still very popular, nowadays, you can also find a good wireless home security camera system at an affordable price. However, this is not the only thing that has changed in this industry. Thanks to the latest technologies used in manufacturing and programming the surveillance systems, you can enjoy complete protection both indoors and outdoors and the images recorded are high-quality. From a basic night vision to license plate recognition, the technologies used in the security cameras deliver sharp footage and incredible accuracy.

Cameras with night vision technology

It is very easy to spot an intruder in clear daylight, but things get difficult when night comes and the light is very poor. Unless you have a strong lighting system that will work at all times, the security camera with infrared LEDs is your only option when it comes to night surveillance. The night vision camera reacts to the changes of light and turns the image into a black and white infrared one so that you will be able to see even the smallest details in poor light. This option can be available both in a wired and a wireless home security camera system.

Tilt zoom cameras

Most security cameras are fixed and offer a certain view angle, which limits its performance and makes some spots impossible to monitor. Thankfully, this problem has been solved by using a technology that allows the camera to move and rotate so that it will deliver a full angle of view. The pan tilt zoom cameras are installed on a swiveling head that allows them to offer a 360º angle and they can zoom on an image for maximum precision.

HD-SDI Cameras

If you are looking for the best image quality, then the HD-SDI cameras are the perfect choice. These cameras transmit uncompressed 1080p footage that is then compressed into H.264 format that allows you to store and play back the images later. When you playback the recorded video, the images are decompressed into the 1080p High Definition which is the video quality you see on HD and Blu-Ray television channels and movies.

License plate recognition technologies

Besides monitoring the events that happen in a certain place, there are cameras designed to gather forensic evidence that can be used in legal cases. The cameras that can detect the license plates are great for times when intruders use a car to leave a crime scene because it can reveal the exact number of the car. This technology makes the camera focus on alpha-numeric characters on the license plates and what makes them interesting is that these cameras can beat the reflective material on the license plates. This way, the numbers becomes visible against their backgrounds and the camera can process the image easier.