Best Network Inventory Tool for Network Administrators

When you work as a network manager inside the enterprise, your main job duty is managing a computer network. You have to perform a network administration, ration, operation and maintenance during your work time. The number of job duties seems to be rather huge, and one can hardly do this work manually.

To ease the life of the network administrators and make their work more effective, a number of special network administrating programs have been developed.

Today, we are going to speak about one of the most handiest network inventory tools designed by Softinventive.

Total Network Inventory: Basic Facts to Know

Total Network Inventory (TNI) designed by Softinventive is able to investigate computer networks and reveal all the objects connected to it. When you use this software product, you often get a complete report about every single computer, router, switch or printer connected to the network.

Using such kind of programs is quite beneficial because, you may:

  • Make a complete inventory list with the help of this software;
  • Create a topology map of the network;
  • Log the recent changes made on the network;
  • Keep your eye on the software installed on the machines;
  • Predict and troubleshoot the system faults;
  • Eliminate and fix the network safety breaches.

Some network inventory tools are even able to find printers on the network and check their ink/toner levels. This function seems to be not an important one, but it can really ease your life once you have to  manage a network with dozens of printers.

You may also use TNI for the software license audit. As we have already stated above, TNI is able to scan and reveal complete data about all objects connected to the network. If you need to check the licensing compliance on your network, you can easily do this by reaching a necessary data in the programs database.

TNI is able to store the information about the license keys, date of purchase and expiration, financial documentation and other useful data in one file.

Total Network Inventory: Several Tips on How to Use It

Installing and using TNI doesn’t require any expertise. To install the program, you may need to run the setup file and place the program’s database either on the server or on your desktop.

It won’t take much time as you don’t need to install special agents on the remote computers.When the program installation is finished, the scanning process may be initiated.

Using TNI for network administration has loads of advantages, and once you’ve got interested in this product, you may download network inventory tool from the official website of the company.