How I converted all my friends to League of Legends

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After I had spent four years in high school in the company of bullies who made fun of my interest in gaming, I expected my college mates to be somewhat more mature. Unfortunately, they weren’t. Even though most of my colleagues were boys, it seemed that the School of Economics and gaming had little in common and, for about a full year, I was looked down on by my mates for not having what they considered to be modern entrepreneurial thinking. I was a good student, or so my grades indicated and I did consider the idea of establishing my own business. However, I also liked spending my time playing games such as League of Legends and earning pocket money from LoL referrals. This habit in particular was not something that they appreciated and they actually judged me for it. I was frustrated for a long time, but, somehow, I think I understood them: they were mostly kids from rich families, educated in the spirit of fancy high schools and planning to conquer the world with real estate and consultancy businesses. And then, the economic crisis happened.

I don’t remember being too affected by the whole crisis, because I didn’t have a job to be fired from the activity that I was getting money from, LoL referrals, was still quite stable. My colleagues, however, had to see their dreams shatter one by one. All of a sudden, they were no longer so sure of their business plans and I was the one who had the most realistic shot for independent financial survival. They must have imagined that I was earning no more than a few cents from playing League of Legends, but, having been a passionate player for years, I had actually managed to make a decent monthly amount of money. Sometimes, we also used to play FIFA, an activity that seems closer to their reality. Playing against each other, striving to buy FIFA coins online and designing our team’s strategies was actually fun, although it was slightly different from what LOL means. I was definitely more passionate about this combat game and I was constantly trying to find a way to engage them as well. One day, the strangest things happened. One of the colleagues that had made fun of me for months approached me shyly and asked me how the whole LoL referral thing worked and if maybe there was a chance to combine my gaming know-how with their business skills to start a small company. After the initial shock and several days weighing the idea, I decided that holding a grudge and being forever skeptical was not the healthiest attitude and accepted their proposal.


Surprisingly, we were successful from the very beginning. I have always believed that the computer industry is less prone to being affected by the whims of economy and it was definitely nice to make money off an activity that I greatly enjoyed. Even better, we had few misunderstandings, because my colleagues left me in charge and I didn’t take any decisions that endangered the business. In time, we even became friends and they started to also play League of Legends, not just use it for business purposes. In conclusion, I have to say that I’m happy I could use League of Legends referrals to make money and I am definitely happy with the fact that even gamers such as myself have many opportunities to choose from these days.

How to gain access to ranked games in League of Legends

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League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games of the moment. All people who love playing computer games of this type enjoy playing it and each day more people begin their adventure in this game. However, those who are quite new at computer games and do not know what to expect, soon discover that getting to a level where you can actually enjoy playing LoL is not as easy as one may think. You have to farm influence points for days and if you are not careful, you end up stuck in ELO hell. To this extent, those who want to avoid all this trouble and want to skip directly to the fun part will be glad to know that they can find League of Legends accounts for sale on the internet at very good rates.


These accounts that you can buy from specialized providers are unranked, so you will be able to access any division you want in your favorite game and have fun the moment you want to play it. In addition these accounts come with some influence points and riot points that will definitely come in handy during your game. Most players have discovered that with the help of their newly bought accounts they were able to unlock a few champions quite easy. The beauty of this game is not only in its graphics and challenges, but also in the skins and champions available when you achieve certain points and win certain challenges. There are many ranked games in LoL that not all people have access to because they do not have the right account.


So if you have just begun your adventure in this game and have had trouble gathering the necessary influence points to access the ranked games you want to play, there are now League of Legends accounts for sale on the internet, so a small investment may turn out to be a very good decision. Your new account will be unranked and with a very good amount of influence points, so you will be able to play in any of the games available in League of Legends. You will definitely avoid ELO hell when you buy your account from a specialized provider and soon enough you will be able to play your favorite game as much as you want.

To conclude, many people have abandoned this game because they were not able to escape ELO hell. Fortunately for them, they do not have to abandon their favorite game anymore because they can now buy an unranked account from specialized websites and use it to play LoL every time they want. This game has gained its popularity for a reason and enables people to have fun and enjoy each minute spent playing it. So those who are still considering whether or not they should start playing this game or not, a bought account will make their gaming experience pleasant and allow them to enjoy everything there is about this game.

Choosing managed IT companies

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These days, most business developers find it a great idea to outsource their IT department in the hope of obtaining better results and most importantly, lowering expenses. This plan seems to function in an adequate, appropriate manner, one which has managed to convince business owners that outsourcing is definitely an option on which anyone can rely. Of course, there is a condition that needs to be properly fulfilled. This refers to the company an entrepreneur will choose to collaborate with. For professional results, you should make use of the services offered by a professional company. In theory, this plan does not seem difficult at all, but in reality, there are certain aspects that all entrepreneurs should consider before deciding on a managed IT company.

First of all, you have to regard experience with a great interest. This is one of the traits of a dedicated company that is sure to do a great job irrespective of the demands of the client. Secondly, business developers should take a good look at the list of service. A great advantage would be for the list of services to be a long one, because this would mean that the company in question is ready to handle all situations that might appear along the way. Also, if possible, when discussing with the staff working there, be sure to ask whether or not clients can have access to customized, tailored services. In the managed IT field, this aspect is very important, as it is exactly what entrepreneurs will need the most. Just imagine a set of services that respond to your everyday needs. What else can top this managed IT package? The following aspect you will have to consider in your search for the ideal IT team is the staff. At first, you might disagree with this aspect, thinking that the staff is of no importance. Far from the truth, especially in the IT domain. Without a well-trained team, no service will rise to the much-desired expectations. When choosing an IT company to collaborate with, be sure to check the experts working there. See whether or not they have the needed knowledge and expertise to properly handle all situations. Also, the staff has to be adequately organized. Each team member has to know exactly what his or her responsibilities are, so that in the end the entire staff is perfectly welded.


Looking at the facts stated above, it might seem that locating the right IT company will take forever. In all honesty, the search will take some time, but it will be all worth it. You have to regard this entire affair with patience and seriousness, because outsourcing your IT department could mean the world to your business. Remember that you are living in the modern ages, where business is performed mostly online. Your company can have impressive results as long as it is run in the proper manner. Choose to collaborate with the best if you want to become the best at one point or another.

How to order and receive one of the rare LoL skins

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Fans of the LoL multiplayer game know that there are many ways to obtain the much wanted skins that they can use in their favorite multiplayer game. League of Legends has made such an impact on the world of gaming that it reached impressive numbers of player and has even been awarded multiple distinctions brought by the fact that numerous players have been spending time in front of their computer to indulge themselves in this online battle arena. With so many in-game players and passionate gamers entering the world of LoL, it is clear that there is a large demand for diversity in terms of characters and therefore everyone is searching for the rare LoL skins that make your character special and amazing from any point of view. Regardless if you would like to unlock one of the champions or play with a character that you have rarely seen, the fastest and most secure possibility is to go online to a specialized website which has been dedicated to providing LoL skins and check out the options that are presented to you there. If you choose your provider carefully and it is a truly professional website, then you can rest assured because the prices you will be charged and services you will receive are surely going to be to your liking. This is how you should be able to order and receive your favorite or rare skin for the League of Legends game on most dedicated online platforms. Although the procedure might vary from website to website, the basic principles are still the same and you will end up enjoying your skin in no time!

First of all, you have to know that all the skins you will find on a professional website dedicated to the League of Legends multiplayer game are guaranteed to be delivered and that you will receive your order without a doubt. The procedures implemented by these websites are safe, secure and totally reliable, so long as you resort to a trustworthy and expert provider. As for the delivery of the much wanted items, know that your character will be received in the following one to twelve hours and the means through which you will get into the possession of it are either e-mail or Skype. Secondly, for further inquiries and if you have any trouble discovering how to order your favorite LoL skin, there is always a dedicated customer service line or support method implemented to aid the users whenever they need assistance.


Last, but not least, the steps of the ordering and payment procedure should always be published on the online platform that you plan on ordering from. The clearer the information is shown, the better! All you have to do basically is to select your region or the region where you want to character to be delivered. After that you will use the secure PayPal system to place your payment without worrying about the safety of the purchase and, finally, you will receive the code to unlock your skin from the website staff members either on Skype or via e-mail messaging.

Why resort to a professional Magento upgrade service

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Whether you own a small business or administer a large company, you know about the importance of accessing the online market through a high performance ecommerce solution. Online stores running on the Magento platform are very popular, as they offer great flexibility and efficiency, as well as continuous improvements for both speed and performance. However, upgrading Magento is not such a piece of cake, as there are complicated steps to be taken and complex configuring to be done. It is a highly advantageous thing that upgraded versions of Magento appear consistently, but in order for everything to run smoothly and your ecommerce website to perform as wanted, you should really resort to a professional Magento upgrade service. There are many companies today that provide this kind of services and assist online businesses in many areas that have to do with Magento, from speed optimization and upgrade to converting site guests to customers or installing call for price extensions.

One of the first reasons for which you should resort to a professional and experienced company for your Magento upgrade needs is the difficulty of the process. One of the steps involved in upgrading the platform is changing the database structure from the old version to the new one and this requires some great coding skills. If you don’t do it right, your entire website may experience all sorts of bugs and problems, not to mention that it can crash altogether. A professional service will know what steps to take, how to run manage config.xml and core_resources and how to deal with the SQL scripts. Furthermore, they will know how to move Magento themes and extensions, as well as media, without disrupting the design pattern of the platform or any of the features that the web designer and developer created for your website.

It is highly important for your customers to enjoy a great user experience every single time they access your website, without any disruptions that such an upgrade process may cause, so think about your clients before poking at the Magento platform on your own.

Furthermore, hiring a professional service for a Magento upgrade will save you a lot of time and headache and neither of these reasons is renounceable. When you operate an ecommerce website with hundreds or even thousands of products and get countless HTTP requests every day, there are plenty of issues to focus and work on. Allowing a proficient company to take the platform upgrade off your shoulders will give you much needed time and energy to concentrate on more important things. The bottom line is that there is actually no reason not to employ a professional service to upgrade your Magento platform, except for maybe the expense, but the cost of the service will definitely be far exceeded by the advantages this approach will bring. Your platform won’t come across any problems and your website won’t experience any downtimes, which all add up to a continuous positive user experience.

Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush can definitely go home with the popularity prize. This online application has managed to gain a larger number of enthusiasts than anyone had ever imagined. Many people believe that because Facebook first introduced them to this captivating game, there is no other way of enjoying Candy Crush than playing it online, on the social network. It may be true that Candy Crush and Facebook are partners, but enthusiasts are not obligated to enter the network every time they want to destroy candies. For those who did not know, Candy Crush Saga started out as a browser game. The application did have its meeting with fame on Facebook, but players can very well enjoy it without an internet connection. You can treat Candy Crush as any other game, the only question is whether or not it is better. So, if you want to compare your options, download or play online, here is what you will have to consider. If you know your mom is a Candy Crush fan, then you might want to consider this option. It will surely make a great Mother’s Day gift. Buy your mom a tablet or a smartphone, download Candy Crush Saga and you are good to go.

Playing Candy Crush online does have its benefits and for some people, these advantages are essential. First of all, Facebook is an online community and when playing Candy Crush in this manner, you will notice that you are immediately part of a group. If you will choose the second alternative, that of downloading the game for your smartphone, you will notice that you cannot count on your friends. Secondly, being part of the Facebook community is not simply about discussing the Candy Crush levels. This game is based on help. For instance, when you run out of lives, you can ask your Facebook friends to help you. This way, you will be able to complete a level and continue the game. On the other hand, using the Candy Crush smartphone application will force you to use your credit card to continue your task of destroying candy. If you cannot pay, you will have to wait for time to pass and to regain your lives. The same rule applies for when you reach that moment in which you have to pass from one phase of the game to the next. To complete Candy Crush Saga, you will need plane tickets from time to time, which you can either buy or ask your Facebook friends to provide them to you. So far, it seems that Facebook has the advantage. Still, it is not over.

Passionate players have noticed that Candy Crush grows in difficulty as you move forward. Throughout your journey in the Candy Crush world, you will be faced with numerous challenges. Once again, you have two options. You can either buy different charms to pass to the next level or you can use the Candy Crush Saga cheats and tricks. What you should know is that these only work on your smartphone app. Facebook Candy Crush is immune to these tricks. Once you discover how you can complete those challenging level, you will be even more eager to play this game. By using the smartphone application, you can enjoy Candy Crush, even when you are connected to the internet, whereas on Facebook, this is not possible. If you want to enjoy the full candy crush experience, we invite you to try it both on Facebook and on smartphones or tablets. If you don’t own a smartphone or a tablet, you can read some reviews on in order to find the one which best suits your needs. Furthermore, on this website, you will find a lot of other gadget related information which will help you find new means of entertaining. Whatever your choice might be, the good news is that you now have two relevant alternatives of playing Candy Crush to consider.