A short guide to understanding the technologies behind modern golf 

Are you a passionate golfer? Do you know someone close to you who is currently pursuing this sport or plans on starting in the near future? If the answer is yes then you could use some insight into one of the most interesting, challenging and modern sports that has captivated millions of fans throughout the world for decades: golf! Indeed, there seems to be a revival of this glorious outdoor activity in terms of popularity and it looks like the tendency is that of a continuous increase in fame and appreciation. As more and more followers gather to see golf games and to become a part of them, one cannot help but wonder what has sparked such an interest lately. And the solution to that conundrum comes from an unexpected field of activity, that of range finders and other similar gadgets made by top manufacturers from the desire to help beginners improve their game. Visit us to see all of the pioneering technologies which can help anyone excel at golf or keep reading this article and discover some of the highlights in the field when it comes to modern day golfing equipment.

  • The Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder


One of the major features recommending this product is its ability to provide assistance and valuable distance measuring to beginners and pros alike. It is the smallest device of its kind on the market and has a compacted design for easier grasp. Golfers can operate it with one hand only which is a major plus. It can also be mounted or hold vertically unlike most of the similar devices which are horizon. For those of you who are considering the level of applicability, you should know that this particular range finder is completely admissible in tournaments!


  • The Bushnell Bone Collector LRF


One of the most impressive features of this stunning high performance laser rangefinder is the fact that is has a range extended up to 600 yards and the accuracy of the measurements is incredibly high, even at such a distance. In fact, it can pinpoint the target with as little as one yard, plus or minus. The design of the outer case is also significant. Small enough to be fitted comfortably in a pocket, the Bushnell Bone Collector is also designed with stealth features in mind. The army style camouflage exterior matches perfectly with any setting or golf field across the world.


  • The Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Distance / Course Rangefinder Watch


Last on our list of important gadgets to understand is this excellent and highly popular range finder watch also made by Bushnell. The quality of the Bushnell brand is what makes it the most popular one out there nowadays. Launched in 2012, this course rangefinder watch combines the functionality of all GPS based golf devices with the simplicity and practicality of a small sized wrist watch, ideal for dynamic players. It is waterproof, being able to withstand depth of about 30m, and covers over 25,000 golf courts from across the world. The auto course recognition system on this gadget works perfectly.