A complete list of thunderstorm safety practices

Lately, the climate changes are taking all of us by surprise and we have to be more aware of the risks that come upon us and what we can do in order to protect ourselves and our belongings from any dangers that come together with those changes. Electrical storms seem to be more aggressive than ever and they are one of the deadliest and widespread weather conditions that put us in a lot of danger. The statistics say the 90 percent of the people that are struck by a lightning survive the strike but you should definitely know that it is a horrible experience that you should protect yourself from by any means. Moreover, during thunderstorms, the electronics that you own inside your house are also put in danger of being damaged by a powerful lightning strike. Read below the essential safety tips that you need to consider in order to protect yourself and your electronics from any danger during an electrical storm.

Do not stay outside

Staying outside during an electrical storm is a negligence that can cost you a lot, maybe even your life. No matter how important was the task that you needed to do outside when the storm started, you absolutely need to be aware that nothing is more important than your safety. You should eliminate the risk of getting struck by a lighting by finding a shelter somewhere inside the moment you realize the storm is about to start. In such situations, after the storm is over you need to contact emergency telephone engineers who are going to determine and fix the problem using their professionalism.

Do not sit next to the windows

During an electrical storm, there is a big possibility for the lightning strike to hit the trees next to your house that could fall on your property. Sitting next to the window or any exterior door can be extremely dangerous in such a situation. Moreover, the high-voltage wires from the television or telecommunication system could break because of the storm and fall on your house conducting a lot of electricity because of the wet surface.

Unplug all your electronics

Almost everyone had an experience where their PC got “fried” because of an electrical storm that destroyed its sensitive appliances. The lightning strike that hit the power lines can send a surge of electricity down the wires of your electrical devices. During an electrical storm make sure that you unplug all the devices that you have inside your house such as TV, PC, fridge or any other electric equipment. Moreover, try to avoid using the intensively during a storm in order to save the battery because you can never know how much time the weather conditions are going to be bad and you might need to get in contact with other people to ask for help.

Do not turn on wet electronics

It should go without saying, but many people forget about this important rule because of the impatience to see if the device is still working. If any of your electrical devices got wet during the storm, do not turn them on immediately and also do not plug them in. let them dry and ask for the help of an electrician to give you help with checking them.