A competitive and innovative business – Video game live streams


Remember when your mother was telling you to give up video games, because they won’t put bread on your table? Well, laugh’s on her, because you know it well how live streaming brings some in the branch a fortune yearly. Whether we are talking about money in their bank accounts or sponsorship for techy stuff, they all count as a great source of income. Live streaming platforms like DingIt offer gamers the possibility to monetize their content profitably. But let’s see how you can turn your passion into profit.

1. Make your content unique

Since there are plenty of individuals trying to enter the branch, you must make sure your content is somehow different from others. Many prefer seeing others play a video game because of a series of reasons, and the first one we recall is amusement. Yes, if you want to increase your audience make sure your content is entertaining, somehow personal, and you that expose a bit of exuberant personality. This is what sells best. Maybe have a look at the notorious live streamers out there and see a gameplay.

2. Invest in high quality hardware

You must consider as well the quality of your videos. For best results, invest in a great webcam, paired with a headset with a microphone incorporated. This will assure a great video and sound quality. Your witty remarks have to be heard by your audience, therefore make sure you don’t go cheap on your hardware.

3. Choose wisely your streaming platform

A provider able to offer premium video quality, built on cutting edge technology, a platform that cares a lot about the user’s content and opportunities to monetize it is what you are looking for. Don’t always choose a platform based on its notoriety, since there might be others able to satisfy your necessities. As a professional gamer, you need the opportunity to sell your content to a large number of individuals, so your audience increases periodically. Make sure you choose your streaming platform wisely.

4. Get those viewers

Only by streaming, you cannot increase the number of viewers you have. Therefore, an advertising campaign will be necessary. Marketing the soul of business and your live streaming gig is a business indeed. You must find an approach on how to increase the traffic on your platform and increase your notoriety as well. Post your streams on YouTube as well, and advertise it on your Facebook page. Twitter is another great tool for increasing your channel’s traffic. Make sure you are using all the possible tools for getting those viewers that will bring you money in the end

Steaming videogames became a popular source of income for those passionate about gaming, and yet it is not seen as a proper job. Our advice is to follow your passion and show all the sceptics out there that there are other options when it comes to making money. Some sell hard to understand avant-garde paintings. Well, you will be giving your best to impress your audience by streaming your games.